Monday, April 17, 2006

Scary pattern books..

Just looking at a site with Lanna Grossa patterns and noticed a man's one.It has captions like "soon the mountains will call" ..Goat Peter will be off again I guess.The patterns were just plain bizzare .I find many European patterns just ghastly but a cardigan on Trendsetter that looked like fronds of sea-weed was the abolute end.Mum loves weird sea-themes but she had hysterics. She always found Noro's books very weird too..cables, cables everywhere and not a space to spare.The designers like Debbie Bliss , Jane Ellison etc got it right. It is too busy to cope with huge chunks of cables. Sadly for a Noro-nut Mum almost hates the summer yarns. Daria is like string and only Hanna Silk saves itself except that it bobbles when you knit it because one side is tighter than the other.Pavi yarns are going to stock "Trendsetter" soon some of which are beyond hatred but they have some gorgeous angora . I see myself trying to persuade Mum to knit a Brigitte Bardot type sweater ...I know I could if I could stop drawing and knitting minis. As you can share your blog I might add Mum's name ...then she can wax lyrical about knitting and all the crazies on U.K.H.K who don't believe I am me can guess if they visit which one of us it is ..clue if her latest book on R.F.K gets into the post it's Mum if Martin Sheen creeps in it is me. I am trying hard to enjoy the new series of "West-Wing" but it's like a Kennedy stalwart trying to love L.B.J I guess .Granny is visited , friends too so today is our day for a Turkey dinner and a knit . As Mum is doing a Che needlepoint cushion cover I'll have to see if I can graph out R.F.K then our cushions can have a bit of a fight .She could knit an "All the way with R.F.K " jacket but these days it is so open to mis-interpretation.She was planning on doing a Che jacket at some stage and has a bag of red yarn collecting warned .


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