Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"THe Motor-cycle Diaries"

I borrowed Holly's blog as she works on her essay. I think it is not a great idea to watch films of favourite books.This must have been hard watching for anyone who wasn't deeply interested in Che's life.I think an awful lot of his ironic , sometimes cruel wit was missing. An awful lot of humorous moments too , mostly to do with the squits !It was beautifully photographed but the scenery was a bit monotonous .It was still a far better film than most releases which bore us to death.The film that surprises me most times is "Thirteen Days" aside from Kevin Costner's almighty liberties with Kenny O'Donnell's life it is riveting. I think it is Bruce Goddwood's performance because every time I sit wondering how it is going to turn out .Watching any film with French or Spanish sounds very intense ..asking for a cheese sandwich sounds like a major tragedy .I have to leave the book on Holly's desk now ...I know she'll read it .


Blogger sal the spider said...

But apparently, Spanish is not good for swearing, English is better according to my friend who spends his whole time saying "Fock" LOL
Sal x

7:42 PM  
Blogger Holly @Home said...

Funnily enough Sal..Spanish as spoken by Mexican-Americans seems a lot hotter and juicier..I have a fair few films and the swearing is brilliant .."Pendejo" =idiot is a mild one ..I had to buy a Chicano-Spanish dictionary when Holly was reading a lot of Sandra Cisneros,Gary Soto ,Helen Ponce etc.I have forgotton a lot but it came in very handy when out .angie.

8:13 AM  

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