Monday, April 10, 2006

Labels,elitism ,racism etc.

On our trip to town Friday a perfectly intelligent lady in the L.Y.S expressed surprise that Dad couldn't sing "Oh but he's black all black people can sing" .Mum won't get cross with people who she knows are just ignorant not hateful.She laughed and said something along the lines of "Oh he can't play Cricket either ".Many an embarresed landlord of a pub in their courting days would try to strike up the cricket conversation.
Then yesterday she went to bed fuming after searching a few blogs linked to those she reads and likes and found a comment that suggested said blogger thought of himself as "one who inherits silverware and doesn't have to buy it" .It appeared he'd gone off a designer because the peasants were wearing his clothes..and this an American .It made us think just why youths want labels ,which we dislike, as long as those attitudes remain they are begging, shouting "I am as good as you ".It is so very sad because it does not work they just despise you more .I have news for the guy we buy stainless steel so I guess that sets us firmly in the blue-collar class and proud to be so .Dad might wear a white shirt and yet both my grandads were "Blue-collar" one an electrician ,one a postman..does that make me less of a person?


Blogger colin said...

Hi Holly - people can be very stupid and uncaring.
Thankfully, you are not one of them!

11:04 AM  

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