Sunday, April 02, 2006

How to really shock your Mum...

Come home with a Goth boyfriend ?.no !.. a 66 year old one ?( Martin Sheen is taken)..worse...HONEST !Make a dent in her account at T.K Maxx's clearance.I got a lace work cardigan in shell pink ( nearly as shocking to Mum as the 66 year old) , a red and white 1950's style polka-dot dress , a really cute 1920's looking top in wine and cream fine -knit, an Edina Ronay cotton fair-isle in spring colours , a lilac ruffled ballet cardigan and a handbag that is shaped like a Chinese take-away box in dark blue brocade and all with what she spends on wool in a month.I think it's the shock of not having to knit any of the cardigans for me that sent her to sleep ..that and menopause causing excessive kipping.I also got her a mad Bunny mug for Easter .I just love how they give it away during second mark-downs.She only wants to knit Kaffe shawls really so it's fair and is beginning to look at sock patterns for herself .I am not keen on trousers at all and she loves them .I am so sick of seeing jeans, jeans and more jeans and that hideous belly gap.I love Hobbs but with only one income and Mum and Dad paying for Home-education it's not gonna happen! Hoping to get a weekend job in the bookshop soon .


Blogger sal the spider said...

Oh Angie, I know how you feel! I have not been able to knit for my boys for ages, even Billy wouldn't thank me for handknits now! Bri has a 46" chest (soooo many stitches) and the habit of not changing his clothes to mend the car/chop logs so he's a no-no too! Know what you are saying about the bellies Hols, I can't bear the thought of another summer of wobbly stretchmarked flab on view - at least I hide mine!!LOL
Sal x

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