Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday in town..

The usual trip to town to meet Dad at his office yesterday.We had to pop into the yarn dept. of John Lewis which has gone all neat and boring. All the yarn is lined up against a wall and it just lacks interest .They stock few brands but Mum picked up three skeins of Debbie Bliss's silk which isn't that impressive .It's to go into her Kaffe shawl with lots of other fibres.I looked at the fabric but that too is boring mostly seems to be for bridal outfits. We then did the drag around M&S for the weekly shop which we are delighted to say they will deliver .We both hate it and it takes ages choosing a till so as not to get the really, really chatty girl or the miserable ones. Mum loves to chat but the items have to be packed at super-speed and all in different bags depending on if they need refrigeration etc.We escaped to the second-hand bookshop where Mum got a book on silk-ribbon work which she thinks she likes but isn't really sure.We then popped into the other L.Y.S where a miniature Dachshund came in with it's owner in a mobility at first sight .Lily, the cute one , had a little pink sweater and a necklace not something Mum likes as a rule but I think she's ready to knit her a coat and beret set ! Her poor owner was very kind and put up with the rush to coo over Lily and the staff sorted her yarn requirements .We then discussed persuading the manager to stock Paris Mohair but he said Mum would be the only buyer so he couldn't .We understand that but it is a shame , all these towns like Burford with interesting yarn shops and Reading can't support one.Dad treated us to a meal at "Wagamama"and we came home to the usual Friday evening which means Mum falls asleep on the sofa and I made a coat for April which I'll post later.We rented "The Motor-cycle Diaries" for Mum so have to keep her awake for two hours at least today .She has been reluctant to let us buy it until she knows if it meets standards as that is her all time favourite non-fiction book .She will watch anything about R.F.K because she really has to but Che ..well he seems special .The P.B.S documentary on R.F.K is so good she is happy with that until they do the decent thing and make a whole series on his life and times. Mum the only Quaker who stood and thanked God the day Che was sent to Cuba for re-burial !!


Blogger Wibbo said...

Holly, tell Mum that there's an exhibition starting on 7th June at the V&A called 'Che Guevara: Revolutionary and Icon'.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Holly @Home said...

Thanks Wibbo..Mum's birthday is June 8th..what better present .Holly.

10:02 AM  

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