Wednesday, March 01, 2006

West wing character Mum

I agree with Holly about all the characters but Leo was my favourite by far .I think that dedicated 95% loyalty must be very frustrating for families ( Dave Powers ...Kenny O'Donnell etc all the "Camelot" loyalists and friends gave all they could and maybe that is what is needed for a President to function well). My other favourite was Josh but his quick exit nearing the election campaign was a little hard to swallow.I can much more understand the "I'd take the bullet" loyalty . I detest the First lady too .I can't even begin to list the repulsive women ..but I'll have a go !
1) Ainsley ..partly just for being Republican .
2) Zoe ,The President's youngest daughter ..she is just irritating and seems dim about her family responsibility.
3) Mandy ..awful voice , pushy , bossy, screechy .
4) Amy ..too awful for words ( a voice from hell ) thinks she can speak for the first lady .

Lovely ladies

1) Mrs Laningham ..heart of gold as dedicated as J.F.K's Mrs Lincoln of whom it is reported he said "If I told her I'd just cut off Jackie's head" she'd have said "That's lovely Mr.President " and found him a box to put it in .
2) C.J ..gutsy without being masculine and has a great sense of humour .
3) Debbie ...what can I say ..played by Lily Tomlin and I like her clothes as much as her .
4)Donna..sweet , loyal ,efficient and takes a lot of ribbing from Josh that is irritating .
5) Margaret ..not sure why except that all the secretaries keep their bosses work together etc ...reminds me of R.F.K saying "women in a campaign do all the work the men just gossip "

Favourite scenes ...The President having a go at the woman from the radio station for homophobic nuts ..he hoists her on her own petard .Too brilliant for words !
Mrs Laningham's funeral and after when The President has the Cathedral sealed so he can tell God what he thinks of him out loud ..wonderful stuff.

The three assassination attempt episodes are too moving ....and so well done.

The burial at Arlington of a Korean War veteran Toby find's has died wearing the coat he gave to charity( he was homeless)I cry to the point of sobbing and gasping for air when Toby flinches at the sound of the Gun-salute.

The secret -service agent assigned to C.J after she gets death threat E:mails ...he dies during a hold-up at a corner store ..the music playing is Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" makes me nearly scream with rage at the gun laws or lack of them ..Arnie /Heston and your dammned like make that more possible than it is here and that is bad enough .

Least favourite is the over-done kidnapping of Zoe ..just too much and although Martin does a fantastic job .The First lady seems to blame him for making difficult decisions that all Presidents have to make ..when it suits her she loves her position and it isn't a picnic after all ...she should have left him if she wasn't going to support him before then...."Goodnight Mrs Kennedy wherever you are " is reported to have been said of Jackie ..same applies to Abaigail in spades.


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