Sunday, March 19, 2006

V&A knitting site..

Is always a disappointment as I expected a large gallery of knitwear from designers but at least today I looked at the pictures sent by the public and found a gorgeous cheeky Hare and the cutest little fair-isle bag for a child .I think also a Prudence mapstone bag which is lovely .I am not sure I'd ever go the whole hog and wear any large free-form item but bags are great.I fell in love with some needle-felted alpacas yesterday and some bunnies from "Fiber Trends" but don't know if I'll have time .Mum would love a little alpaca ,she has a sweet finger-puppet one from Bolivia .If you do a Google images search for needle-felting there are some really cute snowmwn and a St. Nicholas who is adorable .


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