Saturday, March 18, 2006

Or let's try the infamous "Mac"..

as previously mentioned trying to look at my favourite make-up is no better ..the rap is played at volumes so loud I am deaf when I stagger out whilst drippier assisstants chat to their friends about who they ********* last night .It is fairly expensive and yet has no class at all in this environment .Then enjoy a walk through the perfumery where Mum will have to tell the assistant which Guerlain perfumes came out when and a little bit of the company story as they go red .Ask what the top-notes are etc and blankness stares back.If anyone here watched "Love-Soup" the two stupid girls in that compare well. At least the lack of staff means we can go home smelling of "Joy" .Mum just found that the Boston based company "Fresh" has left Reading and she is heart-broken as their perfumes did not induce head-aches.Yesterday we walked through yarns while the poor lady who Mum knows well was training a new girl..things were not going well she had never knitted ,didn't understand how sheep fleece ended-up looking like string ..Diana has some work on her hands there .She was young ,attractive ( if you like sticks) maybe advertising for a knitter would have helped.


Blogger punxxi said...

does your mum know anyone that can send her some of the perfume she likes?

3:22 AM  
Blogger Holly @Home said...

She has found an alternative here ..not as good but they don't use the fixatives that cause the problems .She is also fine with essential oils and putting them on cotton-woll tucked into clothes helps them last..thanks for caring.Holly

11:09 AM  

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