Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Oh no "( say it in a Ruth from The Archers voice)

Not "Pride and Prejudice again...just heard on the radio 4 news that it won an award as book with the best ending...please guys read outside of that small ,white ,middle England ,old ,boring ,romance stuff. There are so many great authors you can't keep reading that stuff ( are you all sitting in empire-line dresses) read Isabel Allende ,Willa Cather ,Sandra Cisneros anything ...Alice Walker ..there is a World of literature out there demand it ! Unless all readers were brought up to really think English lit. is best I got news for you . Then shock yourselves to the ends of your nerves and follow it up with Edward Said's "Culture and Imperialsim" ............will you ever be able to like any of her characters again .I just can't think that book stays on top is an insult to women to think we can't move on or an indictment of the National curriculum ? No wonder kids growing up in council flats maybe in inner-city areas find a good book hard to find ( Jacqueline Wilson you are excused with my blessing she is good ).


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