Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Miniature Knits and other things..

As someone left a kind message about my new miniature knits I thought I'd discuss the concept.Mum loves miniatures of lots of things , her favourite illustrator Nicola Bayley does glorious miniatures .She helps me make items for my shop run by a squirrel with an awful lot in common with Arkwright of "Open all Hours" .A tray of tiny "Fimo" pies etc coming out of the oven is a wonderful site.I loved the "Sylvanian Families" as a child rather than dolls in my doll's house . I now have some velveteen mice who I really love and some Badgers I made from mohair.I am a no pattern person and prefer to cast on and shape as I go .I think an awful lot of people adore miniture items.I guess that is why books like "The Borrowers" are so popular .


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