Wednesday, March 08, 2006

J.F.K quote...

When asked his favourite piece of music "Hail to the Chief has a nice ring to it" ..not sure if it was before or after election.

A huge favourite is his reply to Bobby's many letters to him in The Pacific ..along the lines of that they were all the more interesting for being un-readable. Some now say R.F.K had dyslexia...some say J.F.K but we doubt that he was a speed reader .The family letters to each are full of wit and irony ..J.F.K is said to have reported negotiations with Khruschev as like "with dad , all take and no give" .It is something to watch that cheeky face give speeches off the cuff in perfect sentances to deliver written ones with great authority and then have to hear and watch the guy in that position now bumble through really is scary.


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