Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ist episode series 7.."The West-Wing"

The fears of some fans that the quality of the material would be losing it's sparkle will be completely un-founded if the rest of the series lives up to this episode. There was plenty of energy from the new actors ( Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda) as the Democratic and Republican Presidential contenders. The quality of the late John Spencer's performance serves to emphasise what a great talent we have lost. It gave me more insight into the political machine at work despite all the books I have read on the 1960 campaign .Technology has changed but the inevitable human interactions , rivalries etc remain the same. I look forward to more and inclusion of humour as in Leo's re-action to being told his grandson might not be photo-genic enough to join him on the campaign. If looks were and are so important Nixon could never have stood for any office ( maybe a good thing ..ho-hum) and maybe not even Carter. I don't care what they look like as long as they have integrity and a brain .


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