Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hooray for "Bobbins" of Whitby

A kind fellow knitter sent Mum the pattern booklet for Colinette's "Madame Butterfly " coat .It is made with "Fandango" and "Prism".Mum phoned "Bobbins" as she has found they are a good supplier of "Fandango" .The lady went through lots of colours then Mum explained I was a tad browner than would suit some colours.She went to a lot of trouble and they decided on "windfall" which I love .It is knitting up really fast but the weather is now warm and wet ! I hope I get to wear it before next Winter.It is very much more "me" than a lot of the more modern patterns. I like a bit of swish and swagger ...then Mum can get that "Romeo and Juliet " Kaffe coat started ...right Mum ?


Blogger sal the spider said...

Oooh, show me a pic!! Bossy huh? lol)
Sal x

5:20 PM  

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