Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday in our town..

We had various things to buy today so I went off to get sketching pencils leaving Mum to browse the magazines .I came back to find her in stitches over the mother's day issue of "Knitting" .It is awful except for Tess's capelet which I half own already ...Mum got some "Decor" in a sale and added other shimmer, glitter yarns.It is much admired in town .We then had a look at the "Per Una" knits ..I liked one that looked a bit like it was knitted in a Point-Five with glitter ...until I tried it on .Mum was horrified at the poor quality and people complain about the price of yarns. It is not my usual taste so she is so pleased I think she is going to knit me one as soon possible. She then trotted off to one of our two L.Y.S's where she was horrified again by the hideous new yarns. I think "Wendy" call anything with a bit of fluff "Party" .She isn't keen on the new Rowan yarns , likes the Debbie Bliss and the new soft cotton that is either Patons or Sirdar .It looks good quality and has a lovely rich red .As we were walking to town we found an old sign high on a wall for a now closed carpet shop as Mum had her "Fandango" coat on she told me to take her photo only to see a man rolling up ( in a nice way ..he thought it appropriate) .Then we went to M and S for the big food shop , not having a car we get it delivered and very good they are too. Anyhow the delightful asian girl on the till asked in her heavy Glaswegian accent if Mum fostered children .Mum looked puzzled and asked why as I was the only "child" with her .She sort of nodded and winked and said well she's ( here's where we thought she'd say Black ) ... " eeerrr very pretty ".That made Mum laugh as she said "so are you" .She still isn't sure if she meant she can't be yours looking how you do ..Mum said I should have said Denzal Washington had a liason with me just to think how far he could go in a role married to an older , funny looking woman.I am sooooooo glad she didn't as she has a warped sense of humour.The poor girl on The Chinese bag and shawl stand talked to her as my "granny" and when told "no mum" could not apologise enough even though Mum just laughs .Whilst in the L.Y.S we were suddenly thrown off our feet by rap music at a volume un-heard of on earth is like "Grace Bros." so we looked around to see a twit on a mobile phone wearing the most ghastly nylon Chave hat which we were tempted to ram over her head. We sighed and left ...thank-goodness it was quiet at Dad's office if a bit stuffy .


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