Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Film review time again..

There was the most un-speakable horror on T.V Sunday but as it had Martin Sheen in I watched it ...a stupid sucked back in time story in which they don't succeed in preventing Pearl Harbour .
Mum and I have a knit spot to co-incide with the afternoon Channel 5 movie and they have an obsession with films about preventing J.F.K's assassination. In the "best" of the bunch a reluctant scientist sends one guy back who is mis-taken for Oswald so arrested , another person goes back is hit by a car ends up in hospital only to get up and try to reach Dealy Plaza in time.....anyhow to cut a long story short no end of characters go back and change nothing I lie the main character's brother does not die in Vietnam .Do not even enquire why cos it is a film that is so awful we hardly take it in.

I shall now do a review of one of Mum's favourites which it will not surprise you to know is called "R.F.K"......and stars the son of Coronation Street's Ken Barlow ( or rather the actor ) .This was a bit odd she thought but now ranks his performance as just below Stephen Culp's in "Thirteen Days" .On first viewing she almost hated it but that is understandable it is far too big a subject for one film .What Linus roache is good at is catching a shadow of the man and his intonation and frailness compared to J.F.K's seemingly healthy ,confident appearance .The use of lots of original film patches in quite well and helps give a better feel of the era.
The mental crisis that followed his brother's murder is done by J.F.K popping up and his talking to him .A lot of critics complain about this device but we can't see how else to do thoughts on screen .He voices R.F.K's doubts about some of their policies and his own role in pursuing the Mafia and possibly un-leashing the forces that led to his brother's death.
It is the famous speech after Martin Luther King's murder that is most moving and so well done .Linus Roache must be very good at accents .The actor who plays L.B.J does a wonderful job portraying the hostility and ,biased as we are ,his feeling he had a right to patronise R.F.K no longer "little brother" to The President .
The end is perfectly and movingly done and I knew would set off floods of tears .....the funeral train cuts to his campaign train and his hand waves out to the mass of people running after it near the mass who stood hours on a blazing June day along the tracks to pay respect to him and his family.A small figure with rolled-up pants walks his dog "Freckles" on a California beach and fades into histiory ( as clever as the shadows on the wall at the end of "Thirteen Days" .


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