Friday, March 17, 2006

Country's most boring Mall...

I grant I havn't been to them all but this one is just horrible.The side you can see is mostly junk food with loud music blaring .There is a boring "Vue" cinema complex full of people who eats buckets of popcorn and sometimes throw up behind you ..then the shops..clothes,clothes,clothes ..not much else .What I wouldn't give for a good art shop ,a small bead shop ,a craft shop ,a French baker .At Christmas they add huge plastic Santas just to help with the aesthetics .The rest of the town looks scrappy now .Yet we have The Thames and some famous buildings ..a few knocked down .What do you all think of these grey concrete boxes? H.R.H Prince Ch...........ahem Holly. Posted by Picasa


Blogger sal the spider said...

Hmmmnnn, I'm still wondering how you broke the news to that nice lady as to what a "Chav" is....:-)
Sal x

7:36 PM  

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