Sunday, March 05, 2006

Appeal for stock cubes those in need..

Poor Mum just read THE R.F.K memorial site and much as she adores the guy gets annoyed everytime by the really weird contributions ...leave some of your estate ( huh? we live in a small terrace ..I need it when the old folks pass on ) .Then her favourite is your "stock "..she is in the mood to shove two chicken stock cubes in the post .Now considering his constituents in N.Y were not all rich and some of them must remember him with affection it hurts her a lot.They also have a video at a mere $100.00s ...she can't afford that unless she stops knitting and that keeps her sane..ish .She is tempted to ask if a nice fluffy scarf would do but thinks the Children's action corps in his name might have a more realistic idea of what supporters can manage.


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