Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why I like Martin Sheen

Apart from being cute as anything and even better at 65 ( go figure?). He is a pacifist , an activist for many great causes including the farm workers .His wonderful sense of humour and love of family.In fact his family story would make a fantastic film .He is half Spanish and half Irish and grew up in Ohio in an industrial town .His family struggled with hardwork, his mother's early death and father's fear of being unable to grasp English which seemed to make him a recluse .How often do immigrants suffer such a fate because we fear talking to people when it is difficult ?He also seems very humble for such a talented actor , his role in "The West-Wing" is just superb .The times Mum and I have watched it and yelled "yes" very loudly when the fictional President says what he thinks of bigots are too numerous to count. Mum was delighted to read recently that Ethel Kennedy likes it too .Sometimes it must be very difficult for her because we were all robbed of possibly America's best President by a sad seemingly insane boy .President Kennedy II would have been a really great leader and a very un-usual one .


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