Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where did all the listings go?

Excuse very odd question on profile "Blogger" ask them ..never ate anyone.I also posted my favourite films which it ate so ...."Kennedy" ( T.V mini-series with Martin Sheen) "Like Water for Chocolate" , "What's Cooking" , "A Fish Called Wanda" ,"The Maid" ( martin again) "Jackie ,Ethel and Joan" ,"Thirteen Days" ,"Missles of October" ,"Catch Me if You Can" ,"R.F.K" ( stars Linus Roache ..Bill Roache's son ) ," Wings of a Dove" ..for the Fortuny and Liberty style clothes ,"Missing" ( John Shea ) ,"Man ,Woman and Child" all Muppets films ,"Family Plot" "The House of the Spirits" .
T.V ..."Neighbours" ..a bit weird as I only got into it for about three years so odd people pop back ,"Kojak" ( well written) ,"Poiret" for the clothes ,THE WEST-WING ( the best ever!)
Radio "The News Quiz" ,"Mark Steele Lectures" ,"The World Tonight" ,"Jeremy Hardy Talks to the Nation" .
Any medium Victoria Wood , Stephen Fry ,Eddie Izzard ,Michael Palin.


Blogger Beverley said...

Holly there was a drama series on British tv called The House of Elliot, if you like period clothing you would have loved this. I like the Art Deco period and also loved how Lauren Bacall used to dress.

10:45 PM  

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