Sunday, February 26, 2006

" When The Bough Breaks "

This a Martin Sheen film not to watch .Luckily we buy most really cheap on E:Bay or it would be a crime in more ways than one .The basic story is a bad copy of "Silence of The Lambs" Dad tells me ( mum is VERY sqeamish so wouldn't know) . Martin plays a Houston Police Captain but the star is a woman we havn't heard of trying to look like Jodie Foster .We don't blame her ,the cast just the director and scriptwriter , craft-service table . There is a collection of severed hands that even Mum can look at now as they look so plastic .It does have a storyline but with so many un-explained loose ends it just beggers belief. Why should I care ,Martin looks great and Robert Knepper is in it playing a character whose job seems to be as Butler to the Captain so Mum is happyish .She has decided her sudden skinny pin-up thing is because she has put on weight so likes to see thin people or something ..true the guy has intelligent eyes .Then she is a real "Jewish" mama and wants to feed people so that is explained. The woman smokes so much that they all died of passive smoking two years later . The men have a repellent habit of sucking something and spitting it into plastic cups ..Dad says tobacco ,Mum Cocoa beans ( one track mind) and I have no idea except it is horrible.The woman (as were the times..shoulder -pads etc) outsmarts everyone and solves the crime and as stupid as they always are goes to the psycho's house alone just so he can nearly kill her , if only he had . Do not spend your money on it folks and if you do sell it on E:Bay .


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