Saturday, February 25, 2006

What to believe in "Holy" books....

Mum's stash of Kennedy books became irrestible to me last year so I read a lot ..talking of driving I am sure I read that I read Senator John F.Kennedy used to drive really , really slow so as not to hit any animals in the road ( other members used to try to leave early so as not to get stuck behind him). I also read Bobby drove like a demon ( hoping velocity kept the sperm count down maybe?) and now that R.F.K junior says he eats roadkill ?Too weird ...I mean eating Deer you already hit is fine by me not if you aim at the poor fools..Moose will help by throwing themselves at your car ( hope he has a freezer as he only has six kids) .It is environmetally friendly not to waste I guess ?...I am not saying I believe any of it for gospel mind you .I just found J.F.K so adorable after that ....then Bobby's friend hits a dog and he walks three streets to find the owner.Your doorbell rings and The Attornery General is standing holding a dead dog ...a soap all on their own Bobby there was this guy down South ..lived in a big old Mansion maybe Nick Katzenbach could have been persuaded ( threatened ,cajoled?) to aim his car a little off ..after John Seiganthaler was hit by a lead pipe he'd have had a bit of double vision


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