Tuesday, February 28, 2006

West wing character profiles.

Well gathering together my opinions on all my favorite characters (not in alphabetical order, that just wouldn't really be me, a little to errr ?...) for the first time . Just seeing how it goes and whilst I know that some visitors to my sight will know the characters will already have their opinions ! These are mine :
We'll start with the president shall we? As commander in chief I suppose he's the most important. Although President Bartlett would be a fantastic President and he's clearly one of my favorites being played by the lovely Martin Sheen . But it has to be admitted that President Bartlett would not make for scintillating company of an evening . And yet in presenting what The West Wing is all about, "An alternative to what we've got." as the actor himself puts it. He's' a shining example of real intellect and just a smattering of real fun( the "monthly meeting of the tight arse club" always cracks me up) .
But, and, here I find myself bringing in a character who is really one of my absolute least favorites - he seems more than a little ill suited to his wife Abigail. She's' a very forceful character, perhaps a little too much so, as rather than showing a strong female figure I ended up feeling she was putting her oar in a little bit to much. She's just the first lady and she seems to expect a lot of say in government matters for someone who wasn't elected and who isn't a white house staffer. She's not much off a comfort to him at a time in his life when normally you would think that help and support is what you would be able to expect from friends and family. I'm afraid that as a rule I don't really like the trend in some (sorry folkies) mainly American films to make women stronger characters than men rather than aim at a level playing field. This doesn't make heaps of sense to me. However there are lots of great female characters in "The West Wing" and I'm particularly fond of C.J. As she has that greatest of qualities a fantastic sense of humour! Gosh I must sound like I'm always laughing! But I have to say I adore laughing, addicted to the sound off a sense of humour ! Its really good when you have The West Wing with its scripts and humour.More to come....


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