Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thank goodness I was born in 1989 !

Friday is my favourite day.I finish studying so "hard" and we shop then go to Dad's office to meet him.It is like re-leasing a prisoner ..except one who tries to drag papers with him! Then it is a take-away cos Mum hasn't been at home to cook and we have two great Chinese T/aways near us. We listen to "The News Quiz" and then last night Mum was really tired so she stayed up with me...sounds weird.She goes to bed about 9pm most Fridays. I was watching the worst things about the 1980s and she was roaring with laughter. She was a punk so the groups made her laugh more than most except Boy George because she really likes him ( not his music that much ..just him). The soaps she never got into but her Mum-in-law was an addict and she was telling me why she hated those U.S ones about God-awful rich families she loathes ,rich oil families ( can you think of any ...cough....Tree? Hedge ? no won't come to me). Dad plays his guitar hooked up to ear-phones and wires and wander past staring at Mum rolling around .The Ricky Gervais turns up and Dad was at school with him ...I turn over quickly as it wasn't a match made in Heaven . Next Mum all but collapses with mirth when Prince Charles can't find the words "Well I love her that is why I am marrying her" ..sub-text we are all barking and need new blood).Prince Edward was un-speakable but not a lot of Quakers love royals ..ask Charles 1st he'd tell you if he had a head. Then the wonderful foam rubber Reagan turns up ...Mum again half sobbing for the loss of Presidents with a brain ( even after Dallas J.F.K must have had more ...I know that is sick but Mum won't mind as she has a black sense of humour). Then there was white rap..dudes ..don't even try for a start it is HIDEOUS who think women are plastic tarts ,bad taste,violence , homophobia, the worst most disgusting music in the World next to Mongolian thoat-singing ( apologies to least it doesn't have offensive lyrics!). I have seen little of the dreaded Thatcher ( mercifully) and it as bad as Mum and Dad have said ..but her son ..inbred hill- billies would have been repelled .Mum calls the hideous character in "Prison- Break " "Rat-bag" and now she reckons Mark Thatcher is his brother after a liason with ...oh I don't know ..the actor says "T-Bag" is the result of his father sleeping with his half-witted sister". It makes you appreciate being born in 1989 I await the full horror of the 90's.


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