Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ted Kennedy alerts ...what a way to put it....

My dear Mum sent them to MY mailbox because it used to be quiet . Her mailbox is full of E:Bay bids etc . Anyhow I don't think there is any danger he'll offer me a lift so I shall remove him.If he did I'd just say "Yes..heck I can't swim but we'll go slow cos I want to know all about that Elephant picture at London Zoo around 1939 and how you recovered and forgave Bobby for not protecting you" .I trust the old duffer ..hell he is one of the best things in The Senate .I loved his face pulling on "The Daily Show" ..if I was him I'd wear full body armour and have a nervous tick .....he is a brave guy . So Mum I'll set up another mail-box for you and Teddy ( God he must hate that worse than "Bobby" ) so you can read what he is doing but you know you don't have time really all that wool is shouting too loud.


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