Monday, February 27, 2006

Should Mum join the Yahoo R.F.K clubs?

She did thinking they might talk politics , about his life ,would he have been a great President ?etc .She stayed as long as flesh and blood could stand had every nut in the book but best of all THEY ALL SEEMED TO BE REPUBLICANS !
There was one who stood looking at his house so they said ( he wasn't in since about ...June 1968) .There was another when it went up for sale who swore they'd buy it costs the deficit of a small country ...they discussed how "Hott" he was excuse us hot has one t but not in loony-land and okay he was the most adorable child EVER ...a freckle on legs ..he was was kind of cute and watching him in docs........ I want to cut his fl...... hair if he keeps playing with it .What is it with these people ? Holly.... the rude word goes with his hair-tones and has nothing to do with sex b.t.w


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