Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rachel Riley

Ah Heaven ! I only have one suit as it is so expensive but I try to buy anything in the style.I have a lovely cashmere cardigan from T.K Maxx in her style .The children's clothes are perfect ,tweed coats with velvet collars , smocked dresses ,the prints themselves .The shoes which are typical start-rite .In fact we have some film of R.F.K and Ethel saying goodbye to two of their sons ( so close they look like twins) and they are wearing little tweed coats ,woollen socks , lace-ups and are playing up to the photographers and hanging onto Dad's legs...the oooooohhhhs from us go on for ages. They look like evacuees in clothing style. Anyone horrified because they were wealthy the clothes are seen one the next along .That is the beauty of classics isn't it ?
Have a look at Rachel's site if you like 50's style


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