Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Prison Reform

We have been discussing this a lot of late.Then came the news that Brady was going to tell at last where that poor child was buried ( let us all hope and pray that is true) . The on-going trial at Reading Crown Court upsets Mum so badly she cries during any report and has come close to being sick .It seems obvious to us that those boys should get life and for the rest of their natural lives .That said not in any barbaric old institution that will punish them in a way that they were possibly only too used to as children.How do you get so very perverse ? It will be anytime now that Sirhan-Sirhan will come up for his parole and Mum will sigh if he is let out.He was not convicted as insane ...despite it seeming very insane to shoot an innocent man for something he mis-understood. He deserves to be on a farm or making furniture,weaving whatever .It is good if Prisoners earn money but locked up in small cells without furthur education ? At least Sirhan escaped the death sentance he was given by the intervention of his victim's family .It is now back in California .I am afraid I did agree with David Irving going to jail in Austria mainly because he knew the law there.I do not expect to be allowed to go to Saudi-Arabia and drink. Freedom of speech must have some limit I guess but it is hard to know where.The craziest thing I heard is that Gerry Adams was once dubed by an actor ...we could cope with the real man so it is insulting..Lord knows we have to hear Paisley ranting on like the looney he is .I think his calling The Pope "The anti-Christ" had to be one of his "best" .We might be inclined to being Protestants ( well Mum ) but that seems a bit extreme and she is for a united Eire anyhow. That is an inflamatory statement I guess so thanks Google for allowing me the right the publish it .


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