Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Poem for Mum ...

This was the first poem I fell in love with and took the book home from school ( age 6) .It is by Emily Dickinson.
I've nothing else-to bring, you know
So I keep bringing these -
Just as the Night keeps fetching stars
To our familiar eyes-

Maybe ,we shouldn't mind them -
Unless they didn't come-
Then-maybe,itwould puzzle us
To find our way Home-


Blogger Holly @Home said...

I attended the local school ( if that is what it should be called )until I was 8...the teachers were bigger bullies than the kids but they really had it in for me .Mum took me out and it has been a crazy path since ..Mum got ill with panic-atticks and depression but still coped .She refused to teach the National curriculum ...because it is so un-imaginative .So I got taught The Civil-Rights movement ,World lit. knitting ,sewing ,watching really educational T.V ( ahem ) and great films like "East L.A" and " Like Water for Chocolate" ,"Eating Raoul" ( not as bad as it sounds anyone of a nervous disposition ! ..and so much more

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