Friday, February 24, 2006

The Oscars..

We used to have The B.B.C as our home page and oh how we miss it..we changed to Yahoo when we joined the clubs .I laugh like a drain sometimes at news headlines which mean nothing but sound odd.Today was about "swagging" and the Oscars ( which we can't stand to watch ) .I presume this is about the outfits which might this year just be swags .Mum and me should start a campaign to ban the gap between tops and trousers if Woman's Hour hadn't already .It looks gross and must be so uncomforable.Some really gorgeous couture would not go amiss .Judi Dench looks lovely ,Meryl Streep too when we see clips .I dare say there might even be an actress who ( unlike last week's awards) looks like she eats and her shoulder bones don't stick-out and make me cringe .Lauren Bacall Bev mentioned and Mum loves her as a major contributor and supporter of some candidate back in 1968 ...she was lovely .My all time heroine is Dolores Del Rio ....if only my hair would straighten !


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