Saturday, February 25, 2006

Off to sea?

Mum gets everything in sales ..this dress and then a straw boater ..she took me to see Great-Granny in London who said "You spoiling that chile ,soon grow out a em yar know " and other stuff I had no idea about ..never have caught on to full-blown Bajun on loud-speakers .Gran worked cutting sugar-cane from 9 so Mum kind of understood but she hardly ever does it right until one day back in London and me in my best "Persian Poppies" Gran said "That a lovely ting ,keep the chile nice and warm" EUREKA !!!! someone in our family appreciates knitwear .I don't have 8 siblings but we do pass my clothes on to amongst other places The Lakota Sioux reservation and mum's friend's kids who could destroy a dress in about 2 minutes flat . Mine that stayed are now quilts or waiting to become so .


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