Sunday, February 26, 2006

"The Missles of October"

Martin plays R.F.K ..strangely ..possibly well but I've seen too much post '63 footage of the man to see him doing a good job ( note there is a picture of R.F.K at a meeting in L.B.J's White House that says it all ..he left and an even smaller shyer man inhabited his body ) .I think he must have read all the stuff Mum read then played him as he comes across in some of the books ....a bit too lively by far ( who cares he is cute) .J.F.K is played well by William Devane we think but the most outstanding thing about this is that it gives the Russian point of view ,sadly not the Cuban one but it is a start .I think it is from the tapes so the dialogue must be accurate and thank-goodness Jackie doesn't solve it all by making Clam Chowder ( had she seen a kitchen ?) .This happens in "Jackie ,Ethel and Joan " ..very good of her I reckon. It is very theatrical and might be a filmed play ,the clothes are very 1970's .I'd say run to your store and buy it and enjoy the idea of a President with a brain .


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