Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Missing for Ten years..

along with Mum's gallstones ( which are still missing )........."John Fitzgerald Kennedy..As We Remember Him" .A gem of a book ( coffee table-size with lots of pictures) that had become legend in our house .A stash tidy and there it was .I love to have a really good nose around the houses .Mum hates the furniture they had which seems to be French 18th Century but I guess Ikea didn't exist and they just weren't Carl Larsson guys.Bobby ( Mum hates that too quote from the film R.F.K "Bobby sounds like the boy who makes the coffee) .seemed to live outside his in the garden with the kids ...and I mean the kids ( minature goats) and from the description of British journalist Margaret Laing his house was often a muddy , homely mess .I prefer the style at The White House especially during State visits and to see the dresses .My absoloute favourite is of Jackie sledging on the lawn with Caroline and John jr.It is just so Christmas card .It also reminds me of my favourite clothes shop "Rachel Riley" .


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