Sunday, February 26, 2006

Love me or your knitting ?

As another blogger hit the nail on the head so to speak about circumcision ( it is not necessary ) I thought my mother does a lot worse when taking pictures ( of course this isn't real( as in I don't have half a head) and isn't both painful, humiliating and archane ). It reminded me of the wonderful Mark Steele lecture on Cromwell ( someone once said it cured Charles Ist's stutter ...and that was a stuttering comedian ) . When the king was being tried the knob fell off his cane and rolled to the floor .He was used to people rushing to pick up everything so I bet even the hardened Puritans had to sit on their hands .Anyhow he stared and waited and waited ,I looked at Mum who shifted a bit in her seat as we'd been discussing R.F.K's inability to pick up his own clothes ( a new secretary is reported to have left because of it ..mind you why was he taking them off ? ) . Anyhow the poor King was born into a system that told him he was God's representative /ordained by God etc .......blah ,blah( he should have chosen a healthier speciman the poor guy had porfiria and was as big as a peanut ) .Anyhow re-trained to work making cards saying all Christmas puddings are evil is my solution .The Queen would have ben a tricky one , a few sneaked out "help" cards ,too many home to France or a Spanish friend ...she was so small she could have been kept in a mouse cage ? is disgusting ....oh well she got to be a right royal Queen Mum ( or is that King Mum..King's mum ..that ruddy woman and so forth) and we still have the tax costly nuisances.


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