Saturday, February 25, 2006

The little village of Cutting Sprout

This is the start of a cartoon I hope to continue one day ..A small village is inhabited by various oddities such as Mrs Moonie ( once Tutankhamun...Mrs Nito once a californian man hit by a stack of Brussels Sprouts and turned into an idiot). Cutting Sprout is stuck in a W.W.11 time-warp and is a bit like Miss Marple's Village ( Joan Hickson). They live by selling Moonie's treasures on E:Bay and running a W.I stall and a small shop .Mrs Moonies "Mummy" Neffie ( guess who?) visits with conical hat boxes and is a pain.Mrs Moonie is a gin-soak and her mother a terrible snob. They have a bit of a thing about the local lecherous Vicar who reciprocates in the case of Nito .A designer friend run's "Hathor's Hats" .There were terrible murders at The Arbathnot-nuts house which Moonie and Nito tried to sell after Mr.A-N fled.Only the blood won't clean up which is odd as he hadn't done anything to his wife they just ran off with the W.I funds. be cont.


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