Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is a T.V mini-series made by Brits ( please thank us with small gifts of "Fiesta Yarns") .Martin Sheen plays J.F.K this time and possibly well again but I know less about him .The sets are good although quite a lot are back-drops .R.F.K is played by the rather large John Shea ( brilliant in "Missing") and I guess he is quite good .The brotherly concern/love thing is well done . The lady who plays Jackie is really good ,Ethel just doesn't seem kooky enough , Joan must be there somewhere .The Joe is very good too although comes across as Victor Meldrew .I have to say I'd have put the real Kennedy kids in care as I honestly think they were abused in a way .We forget so many of you guys don't know them well so we can't say if you will get enough from this to have any real understanding of the family and times. The appointing "his kid brother" as Attornery General is done very well but someone is missing ( John Seiganthaler) . The Civil-Rights crisis is better watched in the documentary "Crisis" and tons of books but will give you some idea .If Hoover was as barking as he is in this I not only pity the Kennedy family but America. The actor relishes it all and his disgust at R.F.K's sporty ,chilled attitudes....I mean the man pinned up drawings by his kids for God's sake ...shocking isn't it ? ( they are adorable,wonderful, joyful ) .It is good entertainment and can be moving ,for some reason they play "Onward Christian soldiers " as they leave for The Armoury and Mum sobs ( don't think Brits they are off to watch Arsenal play at home). Buy it and see.


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