Saturday, February 25, 2006

"It was only a building"

To which Mum falls over screaming "IT WAS ONLY A F********* BUIlDING" ...well Mum does swear but not that often.I had said this about the Mosque in Baghdad and Mum agrees as she says your spiritual belief resides in your heart and soul. What do Islamic factions have against each other ? I know Protestants hated Catholics ,vice-versa etc but it makes no sense at all ! Although Mum is no fan of Consevatives as long as they control the likes of "The Monday Club" she copes as it is a Democracy ( listen up now Tony ..we want it to stay that way ) .Mum then tried to remember about "The Golden Temple" all the mass of murders etc but gave up sighed and left me to look it up.No wonder Quakers have no sacred sites ..she worked where William Penn first worshipped and has a soft spot for it but she says although blowing up the building would be a shame it is not going to make her kill anyone. Then in "Kojak" he says to a member of the bomb-squad " Remember buildings are replacable" ..very relevant Theo old boy ..Mum smiles again .


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