Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is Goggle American or something?

Spell check just suggested I replace "Austen" with Austin you would and Mum as the dreaded "Mom" .....that sounds so strange to us but not as bad as Mum's friend who will only call her mum ,"Mother" .It all reminds me of the wonderful Bill Bryson talking about spell-check amazing that alternatives are sometimes way off ...divided by a common language , huh?

Mum does not tolerate criticisms of American English though ,after all it is just the way it changed or stayed the same ( historical though) as in Boston which I read somewhere was an affectation by trendy folks here taking the odd accent with them the famous "Parrrhhhk your Cahhhhhhhr in Harhhvard Yarrrrhhhd " ( I think that is correct- ish) is just an affectation of ours. Mum goes gooey over a New York accent like William Devane's ( he's been in 24 as a hostage but she knows him of old ) ..oh and Colin he is The Secretary of State who only once gets out of bed for a meeting but is oft. mentioned .She adores that Boston thing ,of course, but not if it is Rose Kennedy who sounded like Minnie Mouse .And of late we have been comparing Martin's Ohio accent with it's Spanish influence to the skinny guy ( rural Ohio) who sounds English to us at times but was from a more prosperous background so all sorts of factors change accents .I think Mum listening to R.F.K is at last getting it why Dad leaves the room as he is slow and flattish .Who cares though with the quality of what he said .She''ll be glued to "Kojak" later ...she wishes. P.S Spell-check accepted my trying to explain Boston..go figure!


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