Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hardly any skeins..

When Mum hit the sales in January there were hardly any skeins .I was so pleased because I get to unwind the mess she makes and those are the easy ones.To my utter horror two skeins of Colinette's "silky -chic " arrived yesterday. The World's worst ever yarn to wind .Mum hated it for a while but bits of fluff blown in by the winds have invaded her brain and she can accept that it is nylon because "it is pretty" .......oh dear she has never said that I horrified her by calling Barbie
"pwettie" ..she let me have her muttering a bit but I was three .She says "beautiful" ,"exquisite" ,"lovely" etc. Next thing you know she'll like pink ..not deep pink,dark pink but washed out pink that ( sorry caucasian folkies) that all the little blonde girls at the shopping centre are dressed in . Holly.


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