Thursday, February 23, 2006

Growing up with heroes...

This is a hard one for a Quaker to explain ..Mum would say read "The Motor-cycle Diaries" and tell me how they'd have got rid of Batista ,starvation, Cuba being an American play-camp for the Mafia. Fiona at " Yarnwise" will understand this one ....her son loves the guy too. At three I scared the pants off a guy in Blackwells by walking in recognising the dude on a book and saying "Look mum Che Guevara". I watched Alexi Sayle talking about growing up with communist parents the other day ,he was hilarious .Mum has never tried to impose these on me she just leaves her books around .As you can tell I am not a lover of his dress-sense but his wife had no problems as long as her powder washed "Khakis brand new" He didn't grow up in them but he did grow up home-educated due to severe asthma and his mother was extraordinary .She had the first "Bob" in her town, drove a car and wore pants ..this in 1920's Argentina ..noted for hideous British Nationalists on heat and right-wing coups I guess .He trained as a doctor ,travelled and learned that you can't treat the sick and dying without money ...VIVA CHE !


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