Monday, February 27, 2006

Favourite yarns shops ..

This from and by Mum ...I am typing up my essay on art and emotion ....Angie here . There are certain yarn shops that shall go un-named where you get a snappy answer or are obviously a pest .On the other hand there is http://www.woollyworkshop for a start that is run by Gil and has lots of lovely yarns including Tess's beautiful yarns .The latest I bought is a gorgeous aubergine thick and thin slub .This is my favourite colour-scheme next to sea and petrol greens. I loved Silk-Garden but they never did the perfect colour combination for me.
I also love to talk to the girls at Colinette who know their colours and understand I prefer many of the older yarns ..."lasso" is a horror but D.K chenille was gorgeous.
The ladies at Knit 2 Tog are always helpful and really know their stock and the two shops that are twinned one being in Burford are always helpful. Kangaroo too are very good and some of the E;Bay sellers like Janette ,Pat( Patacke's Place),June at "Colourspun" and Sue at "Colourquest " are wonderful ..joined now by Lorraine who sends free ( a great attraction) .What stops me ordering more is only finances and a huge stash .If I worked I'd spend every penny on yarn but wouldn't have the time to knit so what would be the point ?


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