Monday, February 27, 2006


This a a documentary of the attempt to enrol two students in the University of Alabama in 1963 .Okay let us face it they were black and it was Alabama but it makes me so crazy ,insane with anger ...I'm black too b.t.w in case your eye-sight is terrible.
Mum loves this one as there seems little actual footage of R.F.K and as he was Attorney General he is in it more than J.F.K. It has an intro. I shall skip that sets the scene using music for The South and for The North ......Civil War had finished right ?
It starts with R.F K having breakfast at home ( we now know Mrs Kennedy was in bed as her pregnancy was tiring her ..not so surprising bless her) .Anyhow he is so cute spending time getting Kerry ( about 4/5 ish) to drink her milk ( "one for Granma,one for Ena ( nanny) ..this goes on until the proudest smile beems back at him ..getting a tad bored by then ). Kids seem to be getting up , going out of the window by then .He leaves for work kissing the girls and nearly falling over the ones who hopped out coming back in the door. We also see Gov Wallace at home in a Mansion that makes "Hickory Hill" look homely and small ( well it is homely). I am biased here because a feel a bit queasy . The A.G enters his huge office and he looks smallish,fragile and terribly shy .He can be a little hard to understand but talks to staff including the lovely Burke Marshall .They have this huge problem as the last integration of "Ole Miss" resulted in deaths. Robert was a hard worker and a great law-enforcer but you can feel his moral and ethical questioning of himself, state-law and Federal law .It must have been weird for a moral man with a huge heart to understand the hatred in The South. He sends his deputy Nicholas Katzenbach in person to confront The Governor who will try to block the students entrance . Just try to imagine how they feel .....they are wonderful , forced to be brave or carry on living as third class citizens. The main strategy is to make Wallace look a fool , a nuisance and a breaker of Federal law .It works but there will be so much more , so many miles , so many deaths along the way to some semblance of decency . At one time three of R.F.K's children run past ( one of his sweetest points my Dad's office family is something that is out of place and Hoover hated it ..okay R.F.K was the boss but still it upset some stuffed shirts) . Kerry wants his attention and starts pulling his arm when he is on the phone so he lets her speak to Nick ...Mum and I turn to mush as she looks like a miniature Ethel and is such a sweetie. ...getting her to give the phone back is not so easy and the little one goes off ringing her hands and mumbling . She is now a human-rights lawyer I think . Anyhow it is more about watching R.F.K to try to get a handle on him than the story but you all need to watch it if you know little about the times or the administration. As a footnote I will mention that Wallace was later shot , crippled and became an integrationist but it is hard to imagine forgiving him .


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