Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chocolate and more

I'd like to clarify that Mum has all these books on the Kennedy family because of her enormous admiration for R .F.K's anti-Vietnam war stance during 1968 , his enormous love of children and dogs .I think most of all she admires his widow Ethel for her enormous support and devotion .She preferred motherhood and being his complete partner to any aims she might have had, so without her he could not have been the man he was .He lacked the charisma and confidence of his two brothers but his support for the Civil Rights movement when it came was courageous .Let us also remember he was influential in the happy outcome of The Cuban Missle Crisis .I guess best of all he was a chocolate lover and so are we .We both love good quality and would have to have P.M.T to touch Cadbury , girls can't get to a chocolate shop fast enough then !
We love it as a drink and for all you Green and Black lovers did you know Cadbury now own them ? Cadbury were a Quaker owned business but no longer it appears .That is not to say they don't use fair-trade cocoa in that more expensive range .I shall write to them to find out .I wonder what the finest chocoltes you have all had are ? We are still working our way through .


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