Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Casting for "Jackie ,Ethel And Joan"

This being our favourite chill out film and very nearly a comedy now as we add dialogue ..we wonder if anyone else has seen it ? The poor men come off worse ( they are supposed to be the "Baddies" .. (all the gossip thrown at Kennedy men is implied) and the actor playing John wears an awful wig ( he has curly hair in other films) but is okay , the Ted is a delight he seems like the sweetest guy on earth and cute and none of Edward's nastier moments come across at all ( well come on a bit of a drink and a girly maybe ). The Robert seems to be played by an actor even thinner than the real thing with darker hair but floppy ...but with brown eyes? ..oh and normal teeth. We are experts and other films use false teeth , but worse wigs ( note Stephen Culp as R.F.K ) he has a terrible wig but is really brilliant at the body-language. The Jackie is far prettier than the real thing and is obviously meant to be the one you like . Joan we know little about except that she seems lovely and the actress plays her well. It is poor Ethel who we think we are supposed to dislike but adore .The actress does have a squeal of a voice but we don't know what Mrs Kennedy sounds like anyhow. Her crazy but delightful character is supposed to be a bit un-sufferable we guess but we love things like the way the actress walks and carries a hand-bag ( very Tom-boy so we think very Ethel ..she looks dignified on film but we read she was a kook ) . There are wonderful bloopers like Joan being transparent at one time and geese on what is supposed to be The Atlantic .The home of R.F.K has developed a huge lake and very odd stencilled and rag-rolled decor .There is a time when R.F.K is supposed to visit Jackie ( implied not exactly innocent purposes ) when it is Christmas her side of the road but full-blooming Summer on the other .Obviously R.F.K 's death hardly seems fit for amusement and Mum will cry if she sees the real thing but in this film it all seems a little weird.If only the family learnt that the sound of Celtic pipes means trouble ( as in Eddie Izzard's wonderful actor steps back when he hears doom- laden music). We read Rose Kennedy's book and can only wonder why her daughters-in-law didn't murder her ..she is played well but lurks in a heavy black wig like something form "The Addams Family" .All in all the cast do a wonderful job but should wear badges for the less aware to recognise each one.Anything too costly like J.F.K's assassination ,The Justice Department is missing altogether .That is a shame because J.Edgar Hoover is such a "joy" .The actor in "Kennedy" made by I.T.V gets my vote for that one he is brilliant. The shocked,depressed ,gentler R.F.K that came out of 1963's events is brilliantly played by Linus Roache and that is a good but all too short film . Holly ..other films to follow.


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Gosh Holly, will you be this productive on the blog every day??! ;-) Your drawings look really excellent, some larger views please!!

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