Thursday, February 23, 2006

Accused of Witchcraft ? Has this happened to you?

Well it has to mum and it has left an indelible stain on her relationship with Dad's family. How did it happen? Well she tells me she wore pretty hippy clothes Like she doesn't now?) and on her Mum-in-law's first visit to their flat ( they were just living together then ) she noticed the soap balls Mum had made .They were grey looking and a collection of soap ends boiled together and re-shaped.This was something her Mum taught, her as a war-time bride Granny saves paper,elastic bands etc .She was wearing her best Afghan dress and had recently made a herb-wreath out of rosemary round a coat-hanger .All of this alarmed Granny who thought the soap balls were food and Mum was obviously out to poison her beloved son .His sister stirs as much trouble as possible so openly asked Mum if she is a witch .After Mum's cracked sense of humour died down and the tears of laughter she says she looked at their faces and they meant it.She was tempted to say "Oh you flatter me I am not that clever" .Then she thought of the Granny she had never seen a know wise-woman/seer/healer call it what you will and felt support from beyond this existence. As a convert to being a Quaker she said "No" but wanted to say I could be both thanks ..and please don't come again.It has been a real struggle to cope with the incessant abuse .I get it now "Oh Holly ,you put on weight , you wearing that ? you reading another book?" .Granny can always find the words to hurt , so un-like my other Granny who although a sad person and very shy and quiet doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her frail body.
In different times Mum might have gone up in smoke she swears ,cursing and leaving behind a trail of small troubles .Granny might have found that chicken she wanted cheap snatched from her hand .She has a mean-streak ten miles wide when it comes to money too despite being far better off than "Pink-Granny" as I used to call her .We eat things that make Mum heave and many a dinner has gone home in a handbag .So the book I talked about gave Mum something she seems to have been born without ...a bit of confidence.


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