Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Vintage ..mostly just a few decades old ..

Mum found some gorgeous Bill Gibb on this site ..she can only ogle not buy it but it looked like an early Kaffe .As he has no e:mail addy she mailed Brandon Mably but never had an acknowledgement ..not really surprised about that but she was dying to know if it was Kaffe's design.It should be re-produced if the rights don't belong to Mr.Gibb's estate.

Most delicious yarns ever..

I don't think the patterns do it justice.It is really hard to get so we have only had small packs of sample amounts ...but look at those colours and the idea of 100 % silk chenille.

May contain Nuts

Mum just thought of a name for our little house "May contain Nuts" ..she wants to put it up but I've warned her I'll leave .

West wing character profiles.

Well gathering together my opinions on all my favorite characters (not in alphabetical order, that just wouldn't really be me, a little to errr ?...) for the first time . Just seeing how it goes and whilst I know that some visitors to my sight will know the characters will already have their opinions ! These are mine :
We'll start with the president shall we? As commander in chief I suppose he's the most important. Although President Bartlett would be a fantastic President and he's clearly one of my favorites being played by the lovely Martin Sheen . But it has to be admitted that President Bartlett would not make for scintillating company of an evening . And yet in presenting what The West Wing is all about, "An alternative to what we've got." as the actor himself puts it. He's' a shining example of real intellect and just a smattering of real fun( the "monthly meeting of the tight arse club" always cracks me up) .
But, and, here I find myself bringing in a character who is really one of my absolute least favorites - he seems more than a little ill suited to his wife Abigail. She's' a very forceful character, perhaps a little too much so, as rather than showing a strong female figure I ended up feeling she was putting her oar in a little bit to much. She's just the first lady and she seems to expect a lot of say in government matters for someone who wasn't elected and who isn't a white house staffer. She's not much off a comfort to him at a time in his life when normally you would think that help and support is what you would be able to expect from friends and family. I'm afraid that as a rule I don't really like the trend in some (sorry folkies) mainly American films to make women stronger characters than men rather than aim at a level playing field. This doesn't make heaps of sense to me. However there are lots of great female characters in "The West Wing" and I'm particularly fond of C.J. As she has that greatest of qualities a fantastic sense of humour! Gosh I must sound like I'm always laughing! But I have to say I adore laughing, addicted to the sound off a sense of humour ! Its really good when you have The West Wing with its scripts and humour.More to come....

Monday, February 27, 2006

Freckle on a sledge..

At the front in case you can't recognise adorableness on overdrive .Why wasn't he kid-napped by a family who'd have pushed him to run a children's home , be a teacher , be the most adorable U.S olympic skier EVER .....but what we would have missed ?...ah well .I blame the nut who thought of putting explosives into metal cases and firing them at high velocity .Oh and so many "intelligent" lads are getting them here so they can look macho..sorry blokey you are a weak , stupid , pathetic moron ..the metal thing is the working end of your deeds so "glorious" as they are .


This a a documentary of the attempt to enrol two students in the University of Alabama in 1963 .Okay let us face it they were black and it was Alabama but it makes me so crazy ,insane with anger ...I'm black too b.t.w in case your eye-sight is terrible.
Mum loves this one as there seems little actual footage of R.F.K and as he was Attorney General he is in it more than J.F.K. It has an intro. I shall skip that sets the scene using music for The South and for The North ......Civil War had finished right ?
It starts with R.F K having breakfast at home ( we now know Mrs Kennedy was in bed as her pregnancy was tiring her ..not so surprising bless her) .Anyhow he is so cute spending time getting Kerry ( about 4/5 ish) to drink her milk ( "one for Granma,one for Ena ( nanny) ..this goes on until the proudest smile beems back at him ..getting a tad bored by then ). Kids seem to be getting up , going out of the window by then .He leaves for work kissing the girls and nearly falling over the ones who hopped out coming back in the door. We also see Gov Wallace at home in a Mansion that makes "Hickory Hill" look homely and small ( well it is homely). I am biased here because a feel a bit queasy . The A.G enters his huge office and he looks smallish,fragile and terribly shy .He can be a little hard to understand but talks to staff including the lovely Burke Marshall .They have this huge problem as the last integration of "Ole Miss" resulted in deaths. Robert was a hard worker and a great law-enforcer but you can feel his moral and ethical questioning of himself, state-law and Federal law .It must have been weird for a moral man with a huge heart to understand the hatred in The South. He sends his deputy Nicholas Katzenbach in person to confront The Governor who will try to block the students entrance . Just try to imagine how they feel .....they are wonderful , forced to be brave or carry on living as third class citizens. The main strategy is to make Wallace look a fool , a nuisance and a breaker of Federal law .It works but there will be so much more , so many miles , so many deaths along the way to some semblance of decency . At one time three of R.F.K's children run past ( one of his sweetest points my Dad's office family is something that is out of place and Hoover hated it ..okay R.F.K was the boss but still it upset some stuffed shirts) . Kerry wants his attention and starts pulling his arm when he is on the phone so he lets her speak to Nick ...Mum and I turn to mush as she looks like a miniature Ethel and is such a sweetie. ...getting her to give the phone back is not so easy and the little one goes off ringing her hands and mumbling . She is now a human-rights lawyer I think . Anyhow it is more about watching R.F.K to try to get a handle on him than the story but you all need to watch it if you know little about the times or the administration. As a footnote I will mention that Wallace was later shot , crippled and became an integrationist but it is hard to imagine forgiving him .

Should Mum join the Yahoo R.F.K clubs?

She did thinking they might talk politics , about his life ,would he have been a great President ?etc .She stayed as long as flesh and blood could stand had every nut in the book but best of all THEY ALL SEEMED TO BE REPUBLICANS !
There was one who stood looking at his house so they said ( he wasn't in since about ...June 1968) .There was another when it went up for sale who swore they'd buy it costs the deficit of a small country ...they discussed how "Hott" he was excuse us hot has one t but not in loony-land and okay he was the most adorable child EVER ...a freckle on legs ..he was was kind of cute and watching him in docs........ I want to cut his fl...... hair if he keeps playing with it .What is it with these people ? Holly.... the rude word goes with his hair-tones and has nothing to do with sex b.t.w

Favourite yarns shops ..

This from and by Mum ...I am typing up my essay on art and emotion ....Angie here . There are certain yarn shops that shall go un-named where you get a snappy answer or are obviously a pest .On the other hand there is http://www.woollyworkshop for a start that is run by Gil and has lots of lovely yarns including Tess's beautiful yarns .The latest I bought is a gorgeous aubergine thick and thin slub .This is my favourite colour-scheme next to sea and petrol greens. I loved Silk-Garden but they never did the perfect colour combination for me.
I also love to talk to the girls at Colinette who know their colours and understand I prefer many of the older yarns ..."lasso" is a horror but D.K chenille was gorgeous.
The ladies at Knit 2 Tog are always helpful and really know their stock and the two shops that are twinned one being in Burford are always helpful. Kangaroo too are very good and some of the E;Bay sellers like Janette ,Pat( Patacke's Place),June at "Colourspun" and Sue at "Colourquest " are wonderful ..joined now by Lorraine who sends free ( a great attraction) .What stops me ordering more is only finances and a huge stash .If I worked I'd spend every penny on yarn but wouldn't have the time to knit so what would be the point ?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hardly any skeins..

When Mum hit the sales in January there were hardly any skeins .I was so pleased because I get to unwind the mess she makes and those are the easy ones.To my utter horror two skeins of Colinette's "silky -chic " arrived yesterday. The World's worst ever yarn to wind .Mum hated it for a while but bits of fluff blown in by the winds have invaded her brain and she can accept that it is nylon because "it is pretty" .......oh dear she has never said that I horrified her by calling Barbie
"pwettie" ..she let me have her muttering a bit but I was three .She says "beautiful" ,"exquisite" ,"lovely" etc. Next thing you know she'll like pink ..not deep pink,dark pink but washed out pink that ( sorry caucasian folkies) that all the little blonde girls at the shopping centre are dressed in . Holly.

Love me or your knitting ?

As another blogger hit the nail on the head so to speak about circumcision ( it is not necessary ) I thought my mother does a lot worse when taking pictures ( of course this isn't real( as in I don't have half a head) and isn't both painful, humiliating and archane ). It reminded me of the wonderful Mark Steele lecture on Cromwell ( someone once said it cured Charles Ist's stutter ...and that was a stuttering comedian ) . When the king was being tried the knob fell off his cane and rolled to the floor .He was used to people rushing to pick up everything so I bet even the hardened Puritans had to sit on their hands .Anyhow he stared and waited and waited ,I looked at Mum who shifted a bit in her seat as we'd been discussing R.F.K's inability to pick up his own clothes ( a new secretary is reported to have left because of it ..mind you why was he taking them off ? ) . Anyhow the poor King was born into a system that told him he was God's representative /ordained by God etc .......blah ,blah( he should have chosen a healthier speciman the poor guy had porfiria and was as big as a peanut ) .Anyhow re-trained to work making cards saying all Christmas puddings are evil is my solution .The Queen would have ben a tricky one , a few sneaked out "help" cards ,too many home to France or a Spanish friend ...she was so small she could have been kept in a mouse cage ? is disgusting ....oh well she got to be a right royal Queen Mum ( or is that King Mum..King's mum ..that ruddy woman and so forth) and we still have the tax costly nuisances.

Selling one ball?

I never get those odd balls for sale on E:Bay ...left over from a project .I saw a silk-garden today mum would put it in her best fig-scented box and use it later or make a scarf .We have seen fairly well-off looking customers haggle with the assistant over patterns hoping to get a baby pattern down to one ball of yarn . Have more tiny babies maybe ? is too,too sick to suggest "smoke more during pregnancy " .


This is a T.V mini-series made by Brits ( please thank us with small gifts of "Fiesta Yarns") .Martin Sheen plays J.F.K this time and possibly well again but I know less about him .The sets are good although quite a lot are back-drops .R.F.K is played by the rather large John Shea ( brilliant in "Missing") and I guess he is quite good .The brotherly concern/love thing is well done . The lady who plays Jackie is really good ,Ethel just doesn't seem kooky enough , Joan must be there somewhere .The Joe is very good too although comes across as Victor Meldrew .I have to say I'd have put the real Kennedy kids in care as I honestly think they were abused in a way .We forget so many of you guys don't know them well so we can't say if you will get enough from this to have any real understanding of the family and times. The appointing "his kid brother" as Attornery General is done very well but someone is missing ( John Seiganthaler) . The Civil-Rights crisis is better watched in the documentary "Crisis" and tons of books but will give you some idea .If Hoover was as barking as he is in this I not only pity the Kennedy family but America. The actor relishes it all and his disgust at R.F.K's sporty ,chilled attitudes....I mean the man pinned up drawings by his kids for God's sake ...shocking isn't it ? ( they are adorable,wonderful, joyful ) .It is good entertainment and can be moving ,for some reason they play "Onward Christian soldiers " as they leave for The Armoury and Mum sobs ( don't think Brits they are off to watch Arsenal play at home). Buy it and see.

"The Missles of October"

Martin plays R.F.K ..strangely ..possibly well but I've seen too much post '63 footage of the man to see him doing a good job ( note there is a picture of R.F.K at a meeting in L.B.J's White House that says it all ..he left and an even smaller shyer man inhabited his body ) .I think he must have read all the stuff Mum read then played him as he comes across in some of the books ....a bit too lively by far ( who cares he is cute) .J.F.K is played well by William Devane we think but the most outstanding thing about this is that it gives the Russian point of view ,sadly not the Cuban one but it is a start .I think it is from the tapes so the dialogue must be accurate and thank-goodness Jackie doesn't solve it all by making Clam Chowder ( had she seen a kitchen ?) .This happens in "Jackie ,Ethel and Joan " ..very good of her I reckon. It is very theatrical and might be a filmed play ,the clothes are very 1970's .I'd say run to your store and buy it and enjoy the idea of a President with a brain .

" When The Bough Breaks "

This a Martin Sheen film not to watch .Luckily we buy most really cheap on E:Bay or it would be a crime in more ways than one .The basic story is a bad copy of "Silence of The Lambs" Dad tells me ( mum is VERY sqeamish so wouldn't know) . Martin plays a Houston Police Captain but the star is a woman we havn't heard of trying to look like Jodie Foster .We don't blame her ,the cast just the director and scriptwriter , craft-service table . There is a collection of severed hands that even Mum can look at now as they look so plastic .It does have a storyline but with so many un-explained loose ends it just beggers belief. Why should I care ,Martin looks great and Robert Knepper is in it playing a character whose job seems to be as Butler to the Captain so Mum is happyish .She has decided her sudden skinny pin-up thing is because she has put on weight so likes to see thin people or something ..true the guy has intelligent eyes .Then she is a real "Jewish" mama and wants to feed people so that is explained. The woman smokes so much that they all died of passive smoking two years later . The men have a repellent habit of sucking something and spitting it into plastic cups ..Dad says tobacco ,Mum Cocoa beans ( one track mind) and I have no idea except it is horrible.The woman (as were the times..shoulder -pads etc) outsmarts everyone and solves the crime and as stupid as they always are goes to the psycho's house alone just so he can nearly kill her , if only he had . Do not spend your money on it folks and if you do sell it on E:Bay .

Sunday Morning

Having dragged myself up at the ghastly hour of 10am ( I know the time will appear as if we were in Burkina Faso ) ...I think I fell in love with the bank of clocks in "West-Wing" ...I was supposed to be going to the cinema with a friend but it is soooooooooooooo cold ( for the U.K) and I am going to stay and draw , knit and no way can I persuade Emily to do that we have grown apart to say the least .She had to be begged not to bring the in-articulate heap of spots she goes out with as he'd spend all his time on his mobile .I fear I only know one young man I like where we live and he had to leave school when his father died to help run his parent's shop .He put on weight and smells of fat ( well it is a Fish and Chip shop ) we used to pass glances at each other.I am going to have to ask if I can attend The Mosque ( stopped laughing yet? ) as all the hottie's where we live do .I think I'd stand out a bit as a woman , sadly .The boys at The Meeting House are all geeks and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring going on about their Quaker roots .I guess romance can wait unless Mrs Sheen runs off with the milkman .So my first love will have to remain Mum ...I nearly got chatted up at dad's office by something that peers out of one eye and must be on a starvation diet .The Sikh boy who was so good-looking at Primary school ( I was at school until 8 ...bullied so Mum pulled me out) spends all his time skate-boarding under the underpass that looks like the bridges in East L.A and I expect the police to arrive and shoot everyone ..his trousers are falling off ..could buy him braces but I might have to tell him Mum thought he was a girl for years ! Happy sewing,knitting , scrapping not like that you on a certain knitting site with seemingly no name but a mind like a sewer ....was anyone baptised ,named "Anonymous" .....Holly .

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Links to some knitting nut...

What to believe in "Holy" books....

Mum's stash of Kennedy books became irrestible to me last year so I read a lot ..talking of driving I am sure I read that I read Senator John F.Kennedy used to drive really , really slow so as not to hit any animals in the road ( other members used to try to leave early so as not to get stuck behind him). I also read Bobby drove like a demon ( hoping velocity kept the sperm count down maybe?) and now that R.F.K junior says he eats roadkill ?Too weird ...I mean eating Deer you already hit is fine by me not if you aim at the poor fools..Moose will help by throwing themselves at your car ( hope he has a freezer as he only has six kids) .It is environmetally friendly not to waste I guess ?...I am not saying I believe any of it for gospel mind you .I just found J.F.K so adorable after that ....then Bobby's friend hits a dog and he walks three streets to find the owner.Your doorbell rings and The Attornery General is standing holding a dead dog ...a soap all on their own Bobby there was this guy down South ..lived in a big old Mansion maybe Nick Katzenbach could have been persuaded ( threatened ,cajoled?) to aim his car a little off ..after John Seiganthaler was hit by a lead pipe he'd have had a bit of double vision

Ted Kennedy alerts ...what a way to put it....

My dear Mum sent them to MY mailbox because it used to be quiet . Her mailbox is full of E:Bay bids etc . Anyhow I don't think there is any danger he'll offer me a lift so I shall remove him.If he did I'd just say "Yes..heck I can't swim but we'll go slow cos I want to know all about that Elephant picture at London Zoo around 1939 and how you recovered and forgave Bobby for not protecting you" .I trust the old duffer ..hell he is one of the best things in The Senate .I loved his face pulling on "The Daily Show" ..if I was him I'd wear full body armour and have a nervous tick .....he is a brave guy . So Mum I'll set up another mail-box for you and Teddy ( God he must hate that worse than "Bobby" ) so you can read what he is doing but you know you don't have time really all that wool is shouting too loud.

More sites..

I'll find out how to line them along the side and get them to stay ....and if I don't I shall post the little blighters again and again on and off ...

Run your mouse over unkind !

Stacking children for beginners the time he had ten his legs were 6inches under the lawn ...anyhow to be serious folks...I added loads of sites next to Dad and me ..they keep popping off unless you run your mouse over .I guess it is for pooter experts ..not me that is for sure !

Favourite Sites..mums,mine and Dad's to follow

Blogs I read..

The little village of Cutting Sprout

This is the start of a cartoon I hope to continue one day ..A small village is inhabited by various oddities such as Mrs Moonie ( once Tutankhamun...Mrs Nito once a californian man hit by a stack of Brussels Sprouts and turned into an idiot). Cutting Sprout is stuck in a W.W.11 time-warp and is a bit like Miss Marple's Village ( Joan Hickson). They live by selling Moonie's treasures on E:Bay and running a W.I stall and a small shop .Mrs Moonies "Mummy" Neffie ( guess who?) visits with conical hat boxes and is a pain.Mrs Moonie is a gin-soak and her mother a terrible snob. They have a bit of a thing about the local lecherous Vicar who reciprocates in the case of Nito .A designer friend run's "Hathor's Hats" .There were terrible murders at The Arbathnot-nuts house which Moonie and Nito tried to sell after Mr.A-N fled.Only the blood won't clean up which is odd as he hadn't done anything to his wife they just ran off with the W.I funds. be cont.

Off to sea?

Mum gets everything in sales ..this dress and then a straw boater ..she took me to see Great-Granny in London who said "You spoiling that chile ,soon grow out a em yar know " and other stuff I had no idea about ..never have caught on to full-blown Bajun on loud-speakers .Gran worked cutting sugar-cane from 9 so Mum kind of understood but she hardly ever does it right until one day back in London and me in my best "Persian Poppies" Gran said "That a lovely ting ,keep the chile nice and warm" EUREKA !!!! someone in our family appreciates knitwear .I don't have 8 siblings but we do pass my clothes on to amongst other places The Lakota Sioux reservation and mum's friend's kids who could destroy a dress in about 2 minutes flat . Mine that stayed are now quilts or waiting to become so .

Snow and slopes..

Explain to my beloved Hoppy Vanderhare about snow and slopes please .....anyone else have Hoppy ?

mental two

Kaffe Fassett might have bludgeoned mum to death after this disaster but she cut it up/down /around etc and it is a passable sweater without the badly gone wrong water-lily.

Mum's mental moment

Isn't this the most horrible thing ever ..and Mousewife worries about a scarf going wrong ...luckily the social services have put an exclusion zone round it and an alarm goes off if Mum tries to get me into it .

Embarrasing Christmas 2

Only kid in town who had to play "Carl Larsson"

I hate my mother..

She saw a girl in town with Colinette falls and said "Oh gorgeous , if only I was young enough" a Rachel Riley loving girl is never going to do it right Mum ? I don't want to look like your scrap-bag am I going to get a man to take me to Cannes looking like that ....still talking? ....... "yes" ...good except she has that far-away in love look "Kojak" gets as soon as his lollipop comes out.

"It was only a building"

To which Mum falls over screaming "IT WAS ONLY A F********* BUIlDING" ...well Mum does swear but not that often.I had said this about the Mosque in Baghdad and Mum agrees as she says your spiritual belief resides in your heart and soul. What do Islamic factions have against each other ? I know Protestants hated Catholics ,vice-versa etc but it makes no sense at all ! Although Mum is no fan of Consevatives as long as they control the likes of "The Monday Club" she copes as it is a Democracy ( listen up now Tony ..we want it to stay that way ) .Mum then tried to remember about "The Golden Temple" all the mass of murders etc but gave up sighed and left me to look it up.No wonder Quakers have no sacred sites ..she worked where William Penn first worshipped and has a soft spot for it but she says although blowing up the building would be a shame it is not going to make her kill anyone. Then in "Kojak" he says to a member of the bomb-squad " Remember buildings are replacable" ..very relevant Theo old boy ..Mum smiles again .

Thank goodness I was born in 1989 !

Friday is my favourite day.I finish studying so "hard" and we shop then go to Dad's office to meet him.It is like re-leasing a prisoner ..except one who tries to drag papers with him! Then it is a take-away cos Mum hasn't been at home to cook and we have two great Chinese T/aways near us. We listen to "The News Quiz" and then last night Mum was really tired so she stayed up with me...sounds weird.She goes to bed about 9pm most Fridays. I was watching the worst things about the 1980s and she was roaring with laughter. She was a punk so the groups made her laugh more than most except Boy George because she really likes him ( not his music that much ..just him). The soaps she never got into but her Mum-in-law was an addict and she was telling me why she hated those U.S ones about God-awful rich families she loathes ,rich oil families ( can you think of any ...cough....Tree? Hedge ? no won't come to me). Dad plays his guitar hooked up to ear-phones and wires and wander past staring at Mum rolling around .The Ricky Gervais turns up and Dad was at school with him ...I turn over quickly as it wasn't a match made in Heaven . Next Mum all but collapses with mirth when Prince Charles can't find the words "Well I love her that is why I am marrying her" ..sub-text we are all barking and need new blood).Prince Edward was un-speakable but not a lot of Quakers love royals ..ask Charles 1st he'd tell you if he had a head. Then the wonderful foam rubber Reagan turns up ...Mum again half sobbing for the loss of Presidents with a brain ( even after Dallas J.F.K must have had more ...I know that is sick but Mum won't mind as she has a black sense of humour). Then there was white rap..dudes ..don't even try for a start it is HIDEOUS who think women are plastic tarts ,bad taste,violence , homophobia, the worst most disgusting music in the World next to Mongolian thoat-singing ( apologies to least it doesn't have offensive lyrics!). I have seen little of the dreaded Thatcher ( mercifully) and it as bad as Mum and Dad have said ..but her son ..inbred hill- billies would have been repelled .Mum calls the hideous character in "Prison- Break " "Rat-bag" and now she reckons Mark Thatcher is his brother after a liason with ...oh I don't know ..the actor says "T-Bag" is the result of his father sleeping with his half-witted sister". It makes you appreciate being born in 1989 I await the full horror of the 90's.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Giving awards for acting ..there's a thought.

Someone ,possibly Barry Norman once said that a guy called Brad Douriff should get an oscar if only they were given for acting ( we now know who he is but we don't watch much he is in a lot of horror ) .This year it is possible that Mum's little pin-up will be nominated for an Emmy but it is much more likely that the actor in the same series who is the handsome one ( looks like a thug to us) will be.We do not watch this series as one episode was so slow and boring we fell off the say nothing of having to listen to White-Spremacist propaganda .I thought "24" was slow and preposterous until this one .Still we wish the guy luck as he has worked hard for years and done some really good stuff.

The Oscars..

We used to have The B.B.C as our home page and oh how we miss it..we changed to Yahoo when we joined the clubs .I laugh like a drain sometimes at news headlines which mean nothing but sound odd.Today was about "swagging" and the Oscars ( which we can't stand to watch ) .I presume this is about the outfits which might this year just be swags .Mum and me should start a campaign to ban the gap between tops and trousers if Woman's Hour hadn't already .It looks gross and must be so uncomforable.Some really gorgeous couture would not go amiss .Judi Dench looks lovely ,Meryl Streep too when we see clips .I dare say there might even be an actress who ( unlike last week's awards) looks like she eats and her shoulder bones don't stick-out and make me cringe .Lauren Bacall Bev mentioned and Mum loves her as a major contributor and supporter of some candidate back in 1968 ...she was lovely .My all time heroine is Dolores Del Rio ....if only my hair would straighten !

Mum's Seahorse address book

You can't beat pens and paper Mum bought this to put all the phone numbers and urls of her yarn shop favs .It is perfect in being the correct colours and her favourite little sea-horses.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

George Clooney

Mum has never been a fan ,she liked him and certainly identified with the wonderful episode of E.R about his alcoholic father was really brilliant.Anyhow she likes him an awful lot more now ..we have had a bio. of Ed.Murrow for years .She just heard his interview on Channel 4 news and all she can say is "Thank-you George keep speaking up " .

And So To Bed .

After all this blogging I'm going to nap .

Sorry that one isn't a mini !

Velvet hedgehogs etc

My minis for Pam

"No-body expects the Spanish Inquisition !"

Mum just phoned John Lewis to ask to speak to the Yarn dept.......response "The what " ..Mum repeats "What is it?" ...Mum "errrrwool"..."what do you want it for ?" UNBELIEVABLE...then "what is your name" ..Mum is begging by now .She gets through and they don't have the new Debbie Bliss silk which is no surprise at all so she orders from a lovely lady at E : Bay who charges no postage .She wanted to say to tie-up the bundles of money if it wasn't so horrible and there is nothing funny about a gang who threaten a family .

Growing up with heroes...

This is a hard one for a Quaker to explain ..Mum would say read "The Motor-cycle Diaries" and tell me how they'd have got rid of Batista ,starvation, Cuba being an American play-camp for the Mafia. Fiona at " Yarnwise" will understand this one ....her son loves the guy too. At three I scared the pants off a guy in Blackwells by walking in recognising the dude on a book and saying "Look mum Che Guevara". I watched Alexi Sayle talking about growing up with communist parents the other day ,he was hilarious .Mum has never tried to impose these on me she just leaves her books around .As you can tell I am not a lover of his dress-sense but his wife had no problems as long as her powder washed "Khakis brand new" He didn't grow up in them but he did grow up home-educated due to severe asthma and his mother was extraordinary .She had the first "Bob" in her town, drove a car and wore pants ..this in 1920's Argentina ..noted for hideous British Nationalists on heat and right-wing coups I guess .He trained as a doctor ,travelled and learned that you can't treat the sick and dying without money ...VIVA CHE !

My first knitwear

Most Mum's would not choose Donegal tweed as a baby coat unless they feared their baby would freeze to death in a heated house..nuff said .Mum's first knit is this .It is by Annabel Fox and from an early Rowan book .It is called "Shepherd's Smock" and I had several colours. I also had a bottle green and plum Jaegar 4ply silk/wool bonnet or three and then she hit fair-isle big-time and I had most of the knits in "Nursery Knits" by Lena Stengard .Later she discovered Debbie Bliss and then her own designs when she found Colinette .

Answer to Nancy by Julius Silberger...

Yes,Nancy Hanks,
The news we will tell
of your Abe ,
Whom you loved so well
You asked first
"Where's my son?"
He lives in the heart
of everyone.

Poem for Lincoln

Read this to Mum if you want to water your garden ...
Nancy Hanks .by Rosemary Benet.

If Nancy Hanks
Came back as a Ghost
Seeking news
Of what she loved most,
She'd ask first
"Where's my son?
what's happened to Abe ?
what's he done ?
"Poor little Abe ,
left all alone
except for Tom,
who'se a rolling stone;
he was only nine
the year I died .
I remember still
how hard he cried
"scraping along
in a little shack
with hardly a shirt
to cover his back,
and a prairie wind
to blow him down,
or pinching times
if he went to town .

"You wouldn't know
about my son?
Did he grow tall?
Did he have fun?
Did he learn to read?
Did he go to town ?
Do you know his name ?
Did he get on?

R.F.K magician ?

How weird is this ...a Republican plot ? The words to the post about the re-enactment of his visit to East Kentucky keep coming and going ..."just like that" ...and my edits for my posts have not turned-up ! .We don't have or want broadband so I type like fury cos if we are cut off they are a waste .I wrote a long,long review for "The West-Wing" yesterday that just got lost that way.

Is Goggle American or something?

Spell check just suggested I replace "Austen" with Austin you would and Mum as the dreaded "Mom" .....that sounds so strange to us but not as bad as Mum's friend who will only call her mum ,"Mother" .It all reminds me of the wonderful Bill Bryson talking about spell-check amazing that alternatives are sometimes way off ...divided by a common language , huh?

Mum does not tolerate criticisms of American English though ,after all it is just the way it changed or stayed the same ( historical though) as in Boston which I read somewhere was an affectation by trendy folks here taking the odd accent with them the famous "Parrrhhhk your Cahhhhhhhr in Harhhvard Yarrrrhhhd " ( I think that is correct- ish) is just an affectation of ours. Mum goes gooey over a New York accent like William Devane's ( he's been in 24 as a hostage but she knows him of old ) ..oh and Colin he is The Secretary of State who only once gets out of bed for a meeting but is oft. mentioned .She adores that Boston thing ,of course, but not if it is Rose Kennedy who sounded like Minnie Mouse .And of late we have been comparing Martin's Ohio accent with it's Spanish influence to the skinny guy ( rural Ohio) who sounds English to us at times but was from a more prosperous background so all sorts of factors change accents .I think Mum listening to R.F.K is at last getting it why Dad leaves the room as he is slow and flattish .Who cares though with the quality of what he said .She''ll be glued to "Kojak" later ...she wishes. P.S Spell-check accepted my trying to explain Boston..go figure!

Accused of Witchcraft ? Has this happened to you?

Well it has to mum and it has left an indelible stain on her relationship with Dad's family. How did it happen? Well she tells me she wore pretty hippy clothes Like she doesn't now?) and on her Mum-in-law's first visit to their flat ( they were just living together then ) she noticed the soap balls Mum had made .They were grey looking and a collection of soap ends boiled together and re-shaped.This was something her Mum taught, her as a war-time bride Granny saves paper,elastic bands etc .She was wearing her best Afghan dress and had recently made a herb-wreath out of rosemary round a coat-hanger .All of this alarmed Granny who thought the soap balls were food and Mum was obviously out to poison her beloved son .His sister stirs as much trouble as possible so openly asked Mum if she is a witch .After Mum's cracked sense of humour died down and the tears of laughter she says she looked at their faces and they meant it.She was tempted to say "Oh you flatter me I am not that clever" .Then she thought of the Granny she had never seen a know wise-woman/seer/healer call it what you will and felt support from beyond this existence. As a convert to being a Quaker she said "No" but wanted to say I could be both thanks ..and please don't come again.It has been a real struggle to cope with the incessant abuse .I get it now "Oh Holly ,you put on weight , you wearing that ? you reading another book?" .Granny can always find the words to hurt , so un-like my other Granny who although a sad person and very shy and quiet doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her frail body.
In different times Mum might have gone up in smoke she swears ,cursing and leaving behind a trail of small troubles .Granny might have found that chicken she wanted cheap snatched from her hand .She has a mean-streak ten miles wide when it comes to money too despite being far better off than "Pink-Granny" as I used to call her .We eat things that make Mum heave and many a dinner has gone home in a handbag .So the book I talked about gave Mum something she seems to have been born without ...a bit of confidence.

Book review

Well more of a recommendation really .It is hard to find unusual books and we are not exactly big fans of Jane Austen here. In fact we find a lot of English literature rather dull . We had a fairly good secondhand bookshop and one wonderful day ( I must have been around 9) we found a collection of excerpts of Hispanic- American authors. Mum fell instantly in love when one of the quotes was from a book about a boy who noticed that everyone said he came from the "lower" part of town .He had to ask his mum why because geographically they were not in a low area . After that she started looking up authors and found Rudolfo Anaya ( probably considered radical in the U.S ) anyhow today I shall tell you a little about "Bless Me Ultima"
It is set in New Mexico during W.W.11 . The blurb on the back will give you a good idea "Antonio Marez is six-years old when Ultima comes to stay with his family in New Mexico .She is a "Curandera" ,one who cures with herbs and magic .Under her wise wing ,Tony will probe the family ties that bind and rend him ,and he will discover hinself in the magical secrets of the Pagan past -a mythic legacy as palpable as the Catholicisim of Latin-America ( note imposed by the Spanish .H.C ) .And at each life turn there is Ultima ,who delivered Tony into the World and will nurture the birth of his soul.
Professor Anaya has written books for adults too ,"Alburqueque" is Mum's favourite.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yes folks him again..

This was for a re-creation of his visit to East Kentucky ...a very poor area .He was on The President's commission on Poverty .He made great efforts for the poor so much so that a theatre group re-created his visitan enormous tribute I think.

I was once an Inuit...

Why oh why did my hair go beserk at 3 months?

If you were 16?

Would you be seen out in this ? Luckily although it still fits Mum relented this year .


My Chicano Spanish is getting rusty but I think that means something like "Dude" .R.F.K wearing the badge of The U.F.W ...remember the grape-pickers strike like Mum and you'll know who they are.She belongs to the support group as migrant workers in particular suffer awful conditions. Their leader Cesar Chavez was a Ghandian pacifist .His fellow founder Dolores Huerta is still alive and a hero of mine.You can learn a lot in Gary Soto's novels ..most for teenagers .I had most of them and unlike English literature I could identify much better with them .

My papercut Valentine for Mum

Don't worry Sal ...

I shall get back to other stuff but it is great typing practice and a chance to express myself with my own moderation instead of having to answer crazy flamers. Holly

Poem for Mum ...

This was the first poem I fell in love with and took the book home from school ( age 6) .It is by Emily Dickinson.
I've nothing else-to bring, you know
So I keep bringing these -
Just as the Night keeps fetching stars
To our familiar eyes-

Maybe ,we shouldn't mind them -
Unless they didn't come-
Then-maybe,itwould puzzle us
To find our way Home-

Is it the menopause ?

Mum used to go for chunky with square jaws , shoulders even , maybe a bit of body-fat I was a bit surprised when she liked this one .It is an old film but he is no fatter now quite the opposite .Then we both confessed to liking Marc in "Doctors" ...please don't laugh .I was just saying today" next it will be Linus Roache "and Mum said "Funny you should say that " ..Moira if you are reading this no laughing or that video we keep meaning to send you might go missing.Maybe Rob could spare a bit for this Rob!

The Casting for "Jackie ,Ethel And Joan"

This being our favourite chill out film and very nearly a comedy now as we add dialogue ..we wonder if anyone else has seen it ? The poor men come off worse ( they are supposed to be the "Baddies" .. (all the gossip thrown at Kennedy men is implied) and the actor playing John wears an awful wig ( he has curly hair in other films) but is okay , the Ted is a delight he seems like the sweetest guy on earth and cute and none of Edward's nastier moments come across at all ( well come on a bit of a drink and a girly maybe ). The Robert seems to be played by an actor even thinner than the real thing with darker hair but floppy ...but with brown eyes? ..oh and normal teeth. We are experts and other films use false teeth , but worse wigs ( note Stephen Culp as R.F.K ) he has a terrible wig but is really brilliant at the body-language. The Jackie is far prettier than the real thing and is obviously meant to be the one you like . Joan we know little about except that she seems lovely and the actress plays her well. It is poor Ethel who we think we are supposed to dislike but adore .The actress does have a squeal of a voice but we don't know what Mrs Kennedy sounds like anyhow. Her crazy but delightful character is supposed to be a bit un-sufferable we guess but we love things like the way the actress walks and carries a hand-bag ( very Tom-boy so we think very Ethel ..she looks dignified on film but we read she was a kook ) . There are wonderful bloopers like Joan being transparent at one time and geese on what is supposed to be The Atlantic .The home of R.F.K has developed a huge lake and very odd stencilled and rag-rolled decor .There is a time when R.F.K is supposed to visit Jackie ( implied not exactly innocent purposes ) when it is Christmas her side of the road but full-blooming Summer on the other .Obviously R.F.K 's death hardly seems fit for amusement and Mum will cry if she sees the real thing but in this film it all seems a little weird.If only the family learnt that the sound of Celtic pipes means trouble ( as in Eddie Izzard's wonderful actor steps back when he hears doom- laden music). We read Rose Kennedy's book and can only wonder why her daughters-in-law didn't murder her ..she is played well but lurks in a heavy black wig like something form "The Addams Family" .All in all the cast do a wonderful job but should wear badges for the less aware to recognise each one.Anything too costly like J.F.K's assassination ,The Justice Department is missing altogether .That is a shame because J.Edgar Hoover is such a "joy" .The actor in "Kennedy" made by I.T.V gets my vote for that one he is brilliant. The shocked,depressed ,gentler R.F.K that came out of 1963's events is brilliantly played by Linus Roache and that is a good but all too short film . Holly ..other films to follow.

Bangles fashion sense is a little compromised but his figure is not so good .
The Papaazzi are everwhere these days ..b.t.w Little Me is an old pair of tights only she won't admit that and has made up her backgound as the lining of an Empresses cloak . Bangles on the other hand has humble origins too and admits it .His mother Mrs Buzzy is a cleaner .

Prison Reform

We have been discussing this a lot of late.Then came the news that Brady was going to tell at last where that poor child was buried ( let us all hope and pray that is true) . The on-going trial at Reading Crown Court upsets Mum so badly she cries during any report and has come close to being sick .It seems obvious to us that those boys should get life and for the rest of their natural lives .That said not in any barbaric old institution that will punish them in a way that they were possibly only too used to as children.How do you get so very perverse ? It will be anytime now that Sirhan-Sirhan will come up for his parole and Mum will sigh if he is let out.He was not convicted as insane ...despite it seeming very insane to shoot an innocent man for something he mis-understood. He deserves to be on a farm or making furniture,weaving whatever .It is good if Prisoners earn money but locked up in small cells without furthur education ? At least Sirhan escaped the death sentance he was given by the intervention of his victim's family .It is now back in California .I am afraid I did agree with David Irving going to jail in Austria mainly because he knew the law there.I do not expect to be allowed to go to Saudi-Arabia and drink. Freedom of speech must have some limit I guess but it is hard to know where.The craziest thing I heard is that Gerry Adams was once dubed by an actor ...we could cope with the real man so it is insulting..Lord knows we have to hear Paisley ranting on like the looney he is .I think his calling The Pope "The anti-Christ" had to be one of his "best" .We might be inclined to being Protestants ( well Mum ) but that seems a bit extreme and she is for a united Eire anyhow. That is an inflamatory statement I guess so thanks Google for allowing me the right the publish it .

Sea -themes

Mum's all time favourite ..she has a basic graph of the sea-horses and shells .This one is Colinette,Noro,E:Bay wins etc.It gets a lot of comments when out .I am growing out of a desire to wear them as I liked fitted .Mum is knitting a Debbie Bliss Cotton/aran for me that has been on the needles 6 months.Also a "Giotto" sweater that is 3/4 finished but was interrupted by her "Fandango" coat. I stll only find time to knit scarves and minis .The mice in my house are wearing some .

Mum's favourite singer .

The picture quality is terrible but she is performing at W.O.M.A.D and Mum got to see her .She is Mexican Indian/Scottish American and sings in at least three languages. A lot of her songs are about the treatment of migrant farmworkers .She has an amzing voice and was trained to sing opera I think.She is very beautiful and does appear in "Frida" which we have yet to see. I think Radio 3 gave her the World Music Award two years ago.

At the height of apartheid...

"Suppose God is Black?"..said in South Africa itself.Robert F. Kennedy

All time favourite speech by R.F.K

"Our gross national product .now,is overeight hundred billion dollars a year,but that GNP-if we judge America by that-counts air pollutio nand cigarette advertising ,and ambulances to clear highways of carnage.It counts special locks for our doors and the jails for those who break them .It counts the destruction of our redwoods and the loss of our natural wonder in chaotic sprawl.It counts Napalm and the cost of a nuclear warhead ,and armoured cars to fight the riots in our streets.It counts Whitman's rifle and Speck's knife,and the television programs that glorify violence in order to sell toys to our children.
Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children,the quality of their education,or the joy of their play.It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages,the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials .It measures neither our wit nor our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country ;it measures everything in short ,except that which makes life worthwhile .And it can tell us everything except why we are proud to we are Americans.
Robert F.Kennedy 1925-1968 . U.S Attorney General ,Senator for New York and Presidential candidate .Gunned down after his victory speech at The California Primary celebrations in Los Angeles June 1968 and buried on Mum's birthday .Something she will never forget. I hear this often and am truly impressed by Linus Roache's version in "R.F.K" especially as he is English and R.F.K had a very unusual voice , soft Bostonian ,gentle and emotional.

House of Elliot and Mapp and Lucia.

Thanks Bev ,Mum keeps meaning to buy me "The House of Elliot" , my friend gave us "Mapp and Lucia" which has some exquisite clothes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Favourite Perfume?

Which perfume do you like ? Mine is "Chanel No5" and Nina Ricci's "Love in Paris" .Mum likes Fresh's "Bulgarian Rose" , Frankincense oil, Penhaligon's "Elizabethan Rose" and "Violet"by Floris which is dis-continued .

Two old dudes fact both Mum and my heros .We can't explain the clothes except we know it is 4th July at Cape Cod and as Ethel's family give an internationalist award for Humanitarian work it could be something to do with that .Mum loves the Ikat ( naturally) it isn't exactly my dream outfit for Martin !

My gorgeous Stationery

I found this gorgeous stationery in T.K Maxx last week .I can hardly bear to use it .

Rachel Riley

Ah Heaven ! I only have one suit as it is so expensive but I try to buy anything in the style.I have a lovely cashmere cardigan from T.K Maxx in her style .The children's clothes are perfect ,tweed coats with velvet collars , smocked dresses ,the prints themselves .The shoes which are typical start-rite .In fact we have some film of R.F.K and Ethel saying goodbye to two of their sons ( so close they look like twins) and they are wearing little tweed coats ,woollen socks , lace-ups and are playing up to the photographers and hanging onto Dad's legs...the oooooohhhhs from us go on for ages. They look like evacuees in clothing style. Anyone horrified because they were wealthy the clothes are seen one the next along .That is the beauty of classics isn't it ?
Have a look at Rachel's site if you like 50's style

Missing for Ten years..

along with Mum's gallstones ( which are still missing )........."John Fitzgerald Kennedy..As We Remember Him" .A gem of a book ( coffee table-size with lots of pictures) that had become legend in our house .A stash tidy and there it was .I love to have a really good nose around the houses .Mum hates the furniture they had which seems to be French 18th Century but I guess Ikea didn't exist and they just weren't Carl Larsson guys.Bobby ( Mum hates that too quote from the film R.F.K "Bobby sounds like the boy who makes the coffee) .seemed to live outside his in the garden with the kids ...and I mean the kids ( minature goats) and from the description of British journalist Margaret Laing his house was often a muddy , homely mess .I prefer the style at The White House especially during State visits and to see the dresses .My absoloute favourite is of Jackie sledging on the lawn with Caroline and John jr.It is just so Christmas card .It also reminds me of my favourite clothes shop "Rachel Riley" .

Where did all the listings go?

Excuse very odd question on profile "Blogger" ask them ..never ate anyone.I also posted my favourite films which it ate so ...."Kennedy" ( T.V mini-series with Martin Sheen) "Like Water for Chocolate" , "What's Cooking" , "A Fish Called Wanda" ,"The Maid" ( martin again) "Jackie ,Ethel and Joan" ,"Thirteen Days" ,"Missles of October" ,"Catch Me if You Can" ,"R.F.K" ( stars Linus Roache ..Bill Roache's son ) ," Wings of a Dove" ..for the Fortuny and Liberty style clothes ,"Missing" ( John Shea ) ,"Man ,Woman and Child" all Muppets films ,"Family Plot" "The House of the Spirits" .
T.V ..."Neighbours" ..a bit weird as I only got into it for about three years so odd people pop back ,"Kojak" ( well written) ,"Poiret" for the clothes ,THE WEST-WING ( the best ever!)
Radio "The News Quiz" ,"Mark Steele Lectures" ,"The World Tonight" ,"Jeremy Hardy Talks to the Nation" .
Any medium Victoria Wood , Stephen Fry ,Eddie Izzard ,Michael Palin.

Time Zone?

Well that's a doozy ..I kinda like it though .I swear it said B.S.T ...British Summer Time there seemed to be no B.W.T I settled for that . N.Z as a baby,School ,she tells me a psychadelic bedroom,and on holiday in Bognor ..she won't be photographed now but she does have an image in the mirror so I am not too worried !

Little Me and Mini Me

The top picture is Little Me's daughter ( felt) then her mother Little Me marrying her boyfriend Bangles Bee who is a film producer and director .The third is brunch with a few friends..Pauline Porker, Igor ,Patty Poodle who runs a dog-grooming parlour.

Do you have mice in your House ? At least they are better at housework than Mum!

Unfinished drawings for my novel.

Drawings and a minature coat .

Why I like Martin Sheen

Apart from being cute as anything and even better at 65 ( go figure?). He is a pacifist , an activist for many great causes including the farm workers .His wonderful sense of humour and love of family.In fact his family story would make a fantastic film .He is half Spanish and half Irish and grew up in Ohio in an industrial town .His family struggled with hardwork, his mother's early death and father's fear of being unable to grasp English which seemed to make him a recluse .How often do immigrants suffer such a fate because we fear talking to people when it is difficult ?He also seems very humble for such a talented actor , his role in "The West-Wing" is just superb .The times Mum and I have watched it and yelled "yes" very loudly when the fictional President says what he thinks of bigots are too numerous to count. Mum was delighted to read recently that Ethel Kennedy likes it too .Sometimes it must be very difficult for her because we were all robbed of possibly America's best President by a sad seemingly insane boy .President Kennedy II would have been a really great leader and a very un-usual one .

Pet Hate

Music in shops .I adore MAC cosmetics but the concession we have in "House of Fraser" plays rap at an un-believable volume.I hate most rap with it's homophobic and sexist lyrics.We wrote to Mac twice..sadly no change so I'll be buying other cosmetics.The shopping mall in our home town is a cacophony of clashing noise .

Easter insert for novel

First cover for my new romantic novel .