Monday, April 17, 2006

Scary pattern books..

Just looking at a site with Lanna Grossa patterns and noticed a man's one.It has captions like "soon the mountains will call" ..Goat Peter will be off again I guess.The patterns were just plain bizzare .I find many European patterns just ghastly but a cardigan on Trendsetter that looked like fronds of sea-weed was the abolute end.Mum loves weird sea-themes but she had hysterics. She always found Noro's books very weird too..cables, cables everywhere and not a space to spare.The designers like Debbie Bliss , Jane Ellison etc got it right. It is too busy to cope with huge chunks of cables. Sadly for a Noro-nut Mum almost hates the summer yarns. Daria is like string and only Hanna Silk saves itself except that it bobbles when you knit it because one side is tighter than the other.Pavi yarns are going to stock "Trendsetter" soon some of which are beyond hatred but they have some gorgeous angora . I see myself trying to persuade Mum to knit a Brigitte Bardot type sweater ...I know I could if I could stop drawing and knitting minis. As you can share your blog I might add Mum's name ...then she can wax lyrical about knitting and all the crazies on U.K.H.K who don't believe I am me can guess if they visit which one of us it is ..clue if her latest book on R.F.K gets into the post it's Mum if Martin Sheen creeps in it is me. I am trying hard to enjoy the new series of "West-Wing" but it's like a Kennedy stalwart trying to love L.B.J I guess .Granny is visited , friends too so today is our day for a Turkey dinner and a knit . As Mum is doing a Che needlepoint cushion cover I'll have to see if I can graph out R.F.K then our cushions can have a bit of a fight .She could knit an "All the way with R.F.K " jacket but these days it is so open to mis-interpretation.She was planning on doing a Che jacket at some stage and has a bag of red yarn collecting warned .

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fishy Fingers for Mum..

Mum wants to embroider this on a cushion as it tickles her so much.We can't decide if it is D.K or not but no matter the kid captured Dad's teeth to perfection .She has two half-done fabric collages of photos of me that are cute but she keeps knitting.

This entered the country in 1962 !

Mum was at school at the time and had no idea the little cutie would marry her..yes folks it is a boy and my Dad .I don't think expressions are allowed on passports now so he'd have been thrown out as a terrorist I suspect .Happy Easter Dad! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter Mum.

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Insert for my book

One of the lucky finds at the art-shop selling up was a large quantity of gold ink . Posted by Picasa

Latest book-cover and..

Happy Easter to anyone who drops by.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Labels,elitism ,racism etc.

On our trip to town Friday a perfectly intelligent lady in the L.Y.S expressed surprise that Dad couldn't sing "Oh but he's black all black people can sing" .Mum won't get cross with people who she knows are just ignorant not hateful.She laughed and said something along the lines of "Oh he can't play Cricket either ".Many an embarresed landlord of a pub in their courting days would try to strike up the cricket conversation.
Then yesterday she went to bed fuming after searching a few blogs linked to those she reads and likes and found a comment that suggested said blogger thought of himself as "one who inherits silverware and doesn't have to buy it" .It appeared he'd gone off a designer because the peasants were wearing his clothes..and this an American .It made us think just why youths want labels ,which we dislike, as long as those attitudes remain they are begging, shouting "I am as good as you ".It is so very sad because it does not work they just despise you more .I have news for the guy we buy stainless steel so I guess that sets us firmly in the blue-collar class and proud to be so .Dad might wear a white shirt and yet both my grandads were "Blue-collar" one an electrician ,one a postman..does that make me less of a person?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Meet Lima Bear

Off to town to meet Dad...I popped to the bookshop and Mum to the yarn shop .Then after meeting Dad we walked past the Fair Trade shop where we found Miss Bean ..a real alpaca cutie for only £8.00s.She is really soft so will be next to me and my very grubby Skunk Harriet tonight.I am going to make her some clothes..under her snuggly she has a little nappy !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stephen Fry..

As a favourite blogger of mine mentioned Stephen Fry I thought I'd talk about his episode of "Who do You Think You Are " ( famous people search out their roots) . As the said blogger is American he might never see the programme. This particular series had some of Mum's favourites such as Sheila Hancock but she was fairly bored by her episode ( hard to say why) .She sat in total silence during his until I knew she'd break when he started to cry .It was so very moving especially when he found the neglected graveyard in Slovakia .He has a brain the size of a house but never comes across as smug .I love reading "Paperweight "at the moment and watching him as Jeeves . I also have the treats of "Delve Special"and "Saturday Night Fry".

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"THe Motor-cycle Diaries"

I borrowed Holly's blog as she works on her essay. I think it is not a great idea to watch films of favourite books.This must have been hard watching for anyone who wasn't deeply interested in Che's life.I think an awful lot of his ironic , sometimes cruel wit was missing. An awful lot of humorous moments too , mostly to do with the squits !It was beautifully photographed but the scenery was a bit monotonous .It was still a far better film than most releases which bore us to death.The film that surprises me most times is "Thirteen Days" aside from Kevin Costner's almighty liberties with Kenny O'Donnell's life it is riveting. I think it is Bruce Goddwood's performance because every time I sit wondering how it is going to turn out .Watching any film with French or Spanish sounds very intense ..asking for a cheese sandwich sounds like a major tragedy .I have to leave the book on Holly's desk now ...I know she'll read it .

Sunday, April 02, 2006

How to really shock your Mum...

Come home with a Goth boyfriend ?.no !.. a 66 year old one ?( Martin Sheen is taken)..worse...HONEST !Make a dent in her account at T.K Maxx's clearance.I got a lace work cardigan in shell pink ( nearly as shocking to Mum as the 66 year old) , a red and white 1950's style polka-dot dress , a really cute 1920's looking top in wine and cream fine -knit, an Edina Ronay cotton fair-isle in spring colours , a lilac ruffled ballet cardigan and a handbag that is shaped like a Chinese take-away box in dark blue brocade and all with what she spends on wool in a month.I think it's the shock of not having to knit any of the cardigans for me that sent her to sleep ..that and menopause causing excessive kipping.I also got her a mad Bunny mug for Easter .I just love how they give it away during second mark-downs.She only wants to knit Kaffe shawls really so it's fair and is beginning to look at sock patterns for herself .I am not keen on trousers at all and she loves them .I am so sick of seeing jeans, jeans and more jeans and that hideous belly gap.I love Hobbs but with only one income and Mum and Dad paying for Home-education it's not gonna happen! Hoping to get a weekend job in the bookshop soon .

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April's new coat..

Boucle wool with a fine chenille border .I must make her a bonnet to match . Posted by Picasa

Friday in town..

The usual trip to town to meet Dad at his office yesterday.We had to pop into the yarn dept. of John Lewis which has gone all neat and boring. All the yarn is lined up against a wall and it just lacks interest .They stock few brands but Mum picked up three skeins of Debbie Bliss's silk which isn't that impressive .It's to go into her Kaffe shawl with lots of other fibres.I looked at the fabric but that too is boring mostly seems to be for bridal outfits. We then did the drag around M&S for the weekly shop which we are delighted to say they will deliver .We both hate it and it takes ages choosing a till so as not to get the really, really chatty girl or the miserable ones. Mum loves to chat but the items have to be packed at super-speed and all in different bags depending on if they need refrigeration etc.We escaped to the second-hand bookshop where Mum got a book on silk-ribbon work which she thinks she likes but isn't really sure.We then popped into the other L.Y.S where a miniature Dachshund came in with it's owner in a mobility at first sight .Lily, the cute one , had a little pink sweater and a necklace not something Mum likes as a rule but I think she's ready to knit her a coat and beret set ! Her poor owner was very kind and put up with the rush to coo over Lily and the staff sorted her yarn requirements .We then discussed persuading the manager to stock Paris Mohair but he said Mum would be the only buyer so he couldn't .We understand that but it is a shame , all these towns like Burford with interesting yarn shops and Reading can't support one.Dad treated us to a meal at "Wagamama"and we came home to the usual Friday evening which means Mum falls asleep on the sofa and I made a coat for April which I'll post later.We rented "The Motor-cycle Diaries" for Mum so have to keep her awake for two hours at least today .She has been reluctant to let us buy it until she knows if it meets standards as that is her all time favourite non-fiction book .She will watch anything about R.F.K because she really has to but Che ..well he seems special .The P.B.S documentary on R.F.K is so good she is happy with that until they do the decent thing and make a whole series on his life and times. Mum the only Quaker who stood and thanked God the day Che was sent to Cuba for re-burial !!